Trish Buchanan Real Estate I Paul Nusca Team

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#1-1 Willingdon Blvd., 2nd Fl,, Toronto, Ontario, M8X 1B9, Canada
Trish and I go back a very long way. Apart from being a caring person she can handle delicate situations. The attention that she displays with my older clients, who are downsizing, needing advice and require additional nurturing during their transitions. She is relentless in her time spent communicating and is motivated to find the perfect listing and finding a suitable new home. I have presently a client that will be listing with Trish and I am confident that she will do her utmost to successfully transition her comfortably in her new space.
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Poli Rentals

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154 Academy Dr, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 4J7, Canada
My roommates and I have also had a very bad experience with Poli Rentals. This happened a while ago and I’m still furious about it. We asked for a walk through while packing up but the manager mentioned he couldn’t make it. We didn’t think anything of it at the time. Upon leaving the place cleaner than when we moved in, as well as no damages, my roommates and I were given an invoice for nearly $2000 for damages and cleaning. We told them this was ridiculous and we wouldn’t pay for it. They initially said they would cut the bill in half if we pay immediately (If it actually was $2000 damage they wouldn’t have offered that). We just said we aren’t paying because that’s robbery and left it at that. A while later we got a call from the collection agency asking for the money owed to Poli Rentals. I explained this wasn’t fair and we weren’t going to pay (but the collection agency doesn’t care, they just keep phoning you and ask to pay the money). I ignored the calls from them afterwards. I was unaware that ignoring phone calls from a collection agency ruins your credit score. I finally decided to answer the phone one day and they mentioned that Poli rentals was willing to cut the bill in half if I pay soon. I decided to pay it at half price since I couldn’t do anything about it. I was trapped and couldn’t get out of it unless I paid. I have talked to several other Lakehead classmates and they have also had the same experience with Poli rentals. If they do this to everyone, then you know that they are just trying to steal money from people after they move out (since you can’t prove how good you left the place). If I could give Poli Rentals a rating of negative infinity, I would. But if you decide to use Poli rentals, make sure they provide you with pictures for when you move in, and do a walk through with them afterwards. Ask them to explain any damages while you are there with them. I imagine they will still try to find a way to jack up a bill and send it to you anyways. You’ve been warned.

IMPACT Real Estate Group @ eXp Realty

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34755 Old Yale Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia, V2S 7S5, Canada
We recently were transferred with work across the country and needed to sell two townhomes quite quickly. We hired Frank Heitzer and Sherry Reimer to sell them both. They met with us and answered all of our questions and had all the paperwork in order. My house was older and took about 7 days to sell, I was very satisfied with the price I got. My girlfriends house sold in 48 hours for over asking!! They presented offers to us and gave us advice on which to take. Nothing this large is without a bump and we had our fair share, during the moving process I discovered damage to my house that I was unaware of. I contacted Frank and he in turn contacted the buyers agent. He was able to negotiate a reasonable settlement and avoided a possible lawsuit or closing delay. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this sales team, the marketing, in closing they are very thorough and furthermore had a great sense of humour in a stressful time. Thank you Frank and Sherry!!
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Samin Mortazavi, LeHomes Realty

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1571 Bellevue Ave #Unit 201A, West Vancouver, British Columbia, V7V 1A6, Canada
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