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2821 Main St S #103, Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 3S6, Canada
At Sierra Springs Dental we strive to provide exceptional dental care for the residents of Airdrie, Calgary dental clinic and the surrounding areas an affordable price in a caring and relaxing atmosphere.
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Apr 16, 2019
I highly recommend Sierra Springs Dental. The staff is absolutely incredible. I couldn’t be more thankful for them and the way they not only treated me, but my children as well! They are so accommodating and will work with you in any way to make you feel comfortable. Today my 3 year old son got to be a dental assistant!! He was on cloud nine. This is the kind of atmosphere I want to be around. My children will never fear the dentist. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

Mar 19, 2019
Absolutely the best place for dental care. The team is just amazing, they are very professional, understanding, respectful, meticulous and attentive to our needs. They take time to do a really great job and to make sure you are happy of it ! I have been there many times for different reasons (hygiene, cavities, wisdom teeth) and every time I was really satisfied and surprised of the quality of the service. I strongly recommend this place for the care of your teeth. It’s always simple here and they are so nice. Rachel, a customer very grateful to you ! Thanks !

Mar 28, 2019
Sierra Springs has been so incredibly accommodating for mine and my children's needs in terms of booking times that work for us, billing and services required. All the staff from administration and through to all the Dentists and hygienists are wonderfully professional, kind and approachable. My oldest had his wisdom teeth removed and they did this pretty invasive surgery quickly and painlessly, the dentist called and followed up with us a few times post surgery, which I never had happen before. My daughter also loves to go to the dentist as long as its only at Sierra Springs. Thanks and kudos to you all!

Mar 27, 2019
Honestly I really dislike going to the dentist. My wife did a ton of research and we chose Sierra Springs as our service provider. My wife was right (did you hear that honey?) and this is the place for us! The dentists, hygienists and of course the team on the front counter went out of their way to make me and my family comfortable. The dentist let me play with the X-ray machine and while I’m now partially blind, it was so much fun! One time I lost my keys and they helped me find them, what was above and beyond was they came to my house to help me locate them. They changed the oil in my car and even helped me file my tax return.... I asked them to help rescue a cat from a tree, they declined but after all what do they know about climbing trees? They’re dentists for gosh sakes (sorry for my language). All kidding aside, this place is the best, they care so much for their patient’s well being it’s hard to not go back. I highly recommend this team, they are the best! Trust me; I would know the best level of service, I have had one dentist for every tooth I have... so that’s 3

Mar 19, 2019
From the front door to the doctor I was treated extremely kind. The Dr. was great at explaining my circumstances and lining up my best plan of action. They listened when I explained my wishes and to top it all off they are moving in a paperless direction. Recommend for anyone seeking a new way to be treated at the dentist .

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