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327 Atherly Rd, Orillia, Ontario, L3V 1N8, Canada
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8 days ago


The Orillia KFC at 424 West St N is by far the shittiest KFC ever and there are some really shitty KFCs. Why is it so shitty. The last 3 out of 4 buckets I bought hardy had any batter on the chicken which made it just salty tasteless chicken. I used to love KFC chicken, been buying it for 40 years BUT NOT IN ORILLIA ANYMORE. How hard is it to dip chicken in batter and deep fry it? Apparently next to impossible at this store. So head office sent me a Special Guest Voucher (coupon) for $25 which I just tried to use at this store and they refused to accept it. What a SHIT HOLE. Save your money and do not support this store or buy a bucket and see for yourself. You might get lucky and get that 1 in 4 half decent bucket. Doubt it!

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Aug 18, 2017
Slow service, managers didnt know how much a 2l of pop costs. Front of house staff very friendly and tried to be helpful. Expensive. Took 15 min for a featured bucket of 8 pcs. This brand needs to revamp or shutter up. Various locals I talked to while in line share the same criticisms

Sep 26, 2018
Place is hit or miss. Young and badly trained lazy staff. It was 7:30pm they had 2 guests. I ordered the all stars box. Comes with multiple items. The box was made very quickly which was suspicious. I took it home only to find out they used chicken strips for the Big Crunch which was very noticeable. The popcorn chicken felt like it had been sitting for over an hour, the fries were terrible and soggy, the original chicken was dry and also had been sitting for awhile. I love kfc but for Christ’s put a lil effort into the job. I’ll be complaining and checking food the next time I go. They get 1 more chance.

Jun 28, 2018
I waited almost a half hour for s trips and popcorn chicken. There were people coming in after me, ordering food getting it, eating it and leaving before I got my order. They were so disorganized and short staffed. It wasn't even that busy. It was very dirty in there too, unwashed tables and garbage on the floors. Stay away.

Oct 27, 2016
Love KFC gravy, fries are ok, chicken is good. Staff members need to remember they are in the "customer" service industry and should be trained how to behave accordingly. Being rude to customers is a great way to get this location to be closed due to lack of business.

Oct 5, 2016
This store has the RUDEST drive through staff I've ever experienced. They obviously hate their jobs. I hardly go through because of it. But every once in a while I think I feel like KFC and I will go. And it never fails, especially at dinner time. Never chicken ready and the girl on the speaker so rude. I asked if any chicken beasts in an 8 piece bucket. She very rudely said no and that they had 3 other dinners to do so ya get what ya get. Just a lousy attitude. Puts me off every time.

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