VerView is a unique review platform for businesses to promote truthful and insightful reviews.
We understand that customers rely on these kinds of reviews to help them make their decisions. At the same time, the internet is filled with unreliable and fabricated positive reviews designed to unfairly boost a product’s/service’s appeal or negative reviews meant to harm good businesses.
VerView is committed to providing you with reviews you can trust. Following are key features of VerView developed to ensure maximum review transparency and fairness.
Review Diversity
Aside from reviews posted by customers onsite, VerView enables publishing of other review platforms such as Google’s. This enables potential customers to view reviews from different sources in a single place to get more extensive review data to help them make their decisions.
Resolve Not Removed
Our unique Resolve function enables the site admin to address clients’ complaints and display a record of how conflicts were resolved rather than simply removing the negative reviews hence providing more legitimacy to the overall review platform and a comprehensive insight to the complaint.
Review Policy Transparency
On VerView, all of the policies regarding how reviews are handled can be found simply by clicking on the policy link.
Relevant Reviews
Default setting on VerView is to show the "Newest Reviews" first rather than "Highest Rated Reviews". We feel that viewing latest review is most useful for visitors.