Jun 20, 2018
Mandeep Saggi is an exceptional Criminal Defense Lawyer. The following review will indicate exactly why you should look to hire Saggi Law Firm as your Defense. I was looking at possible jail time after being charged with Criminal Harassment and Trespassing at night. With his expertise, I fortunately had all my charges dropped. Since deciding to hire him as my Attorney, he has proven to be nothing short of brilliant. Personally, I believe in order to attain optimal results, you need a Lawyer who views your case as his own. I’ve witnessed that time after time with each successful milestone in my case. Furthermore, Mandeep is beyond capable, highly communicative and worthy of exceeding commendation when it comes to discussing his artistry. Besides Mandeep fulfilling his promises in regards to my outcome, I especially appreciated him exercising professionalism when it came to not judging me for my mistake but rather on the contrary, assuring me that I am not my mistake. I speak from perso