8 months ago


My late wife Jacqueline Perry was defrauded by a career criminal by the name of Omar Mansoury. Jacqueline was dying of stage four cancer that had spread to her brain when unbeknownst to me con artist Omar Mansoury got her to take out three mortgages on are home to invest in a phony business all this money was later extorted by Omar Mansoury close to 1 million dollars. Dullet Law was the lawyer for Jacqueline Perry he did not advise her but helped these criminals, interest rate was over 20 percent charged by broker Hardeep Grewal. Jacqueline had one year to live it made no sense to take out equity from are home. Dullet Law, Hardeep Grewal, and Omar Mansoury took advantage of a dying women. Criminal charges are pending against Omar Mansoury. Hardeep Grewal is suing Omar Mansoury two thiefs turning on each other, I swear this is true, it could happen to you. Police have not being able to stop this new epidemic of mortgage fraud dozens of cases in Ontario.