3 months ago

Failed to their services and sold a new junk truck

Please watch out and never buy any vehicle from this willowbrook motors ltd by Langley bypass. I have lost business and my most important time due to Willowbrook Motors Ltd. They have failed every time to fulfill their commitments. Hungry people just to get good reviews but doesn't care about their customers, their products they are selling to them and their services are the most pathetic not at all reliable. I bought a brand new pick up truck on last year September from Willowbrook Motors Ltd for my new business. To stay out of trouble I choose to buy a new vehicle over the old one but Willowbrook Motors Ltd have failed and sold me an inappropriate junky vehicle. long story short- 1) they sold me a brand new truck without horn working, left tape residue over the back windows and the sales person was keep asking for good reviews. I refrained and gave them another chance. 2) truck stopped starting then called the roadside assistance and resolved the problem then again the next day di