The meteoric rise in AI is rapidly disrupting industries worldwide. From ChatGPT, which shocked the world with its ability to generate human level content at a super human level speed, image generative AI, such as Midjourney, which can instantly create graphics which would have taken hours and days to complete to self-driving cars and AI powered robots, which clean and cook, the world is currently, without a doubt, going through an AI revolution. It’s vital to align your businesses with the future of AI.
Shocking Rate Of Progress

AI is improving at a rate which is hard to fathom for most people. The example below illustrates this accelerating advancement:

AI Image Example

AI Disruption in Search Engine Marketing

The release of Bing powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT has sent shockwaves around the world of digital marketing. With its ability to provide more than just search results and provide instant feedback along with context, Bing instantly became a hot topic rising from obscurity. So much so that Google called an emergency meeting and quickly announced their AI Bard with much less fanfare.

How is Bing’s search different than Google’s? You can think of it more as a personal assistance. Think of Jarvis from Iron Man. You can ask it anything and it will scour its vast knowledge gathered from all corners of the internet and provide you with an answer. You can ask it to compare the differences between porcelain and marble tiles, write a poem, or even write an essay for you. In fact, AI is so good at these tasks that schools are frantically reviewing their policies regarding the future of learning and AI use.

Growing your Business Today and for the AI Future

Explanation of our Proprietary Solution

We use Open AI’s ChatGPT to create original content relevant to your industry with topics containing keywords which drives your business. Then we use image generative AI such as Midjourney to create original images as visual cues to accompany the text content generated by ChatGPT.
We create an industry expert page on VerView for your business. VerView is our proprietary online directory with over 1.4 million business listings. We optimize your listing page and place your business on top of our directory.
AI generated content gets quickly reviewed by our clients and then published content gets accredited with verified by your business with a link to your industry expert page letting viewers and AI know that you have reviewed and approved the content.

How Does this Help my Business?

You get the benefit of powerful SEO for all search engines with content marketing via publishing high quality original content generated by AI.
You get a premium listing on with an industry expert page to boost your exposure and increase traffic.
You get recognition from AI by reviewing and verifying your business industry content generated by AI which provides feedback to AI for machine learning.


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