LCM Financial Planning Associates

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17 Lonsdale Court, Whitby, Ontario, L1P 1R7, Canada
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Sirius Health

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412 Avenue C South, Unit 105, Saskatoon, Saskatchewen, S7M 5N7, Canada
Sirius Health Thank you Grant for a great experience! You have a lovely facility, very warm and inviting, and I appreciate all of the time you took to explain the details of what all is involved with a Thai massage as this was new to me. You respected my poor old stiff and sore body's current limitations, yet still managed to eek out a bit more range of motion in my joints and release some knots in my tense muscles. The tea afterwards was a delightful surprise and absolutely delicious!!! Booking online is simple and easy, and I will definitely be back. I would highly recommend Grant to anyone!!!
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