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ARE REVIEWS THAT POWERFUL? Learn how to harness the power of reviews. Obtain, retain and reclaim customers and clients.

How important are reviews to your business?


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

- Warren Buffet -


Not offering user reviews (or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity) is akin to alienating 88% of your buying population, depriving them of information they want to help them make their buying decisions.

- Forbes -


products with positive reviews sell 200% more than products that have no ratings or reviews


of consumers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews


more than 50% of people will refuse to buy products or services that do not have reviews

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of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

thumbs down

of consumers will not purchase from a business that has negative online reviews

How do negative reviews affect your sales?

You won't know when it starts


Because most businesses do not have their own review system, they are unaware of dissatisfied customers, or worse, when a customer has posted a negative review online.

Negative reviews spread quickly

negative reviews

Negative reviews can spread online quickly as they are far more likely to be clicked and shared than positive reviews.

“The typical business only hears from 4%” of its dissatisfied customers”

- Salesforce -

Your reputation changes quickly


If you leave your business unprotected online, searches related to your company name and products will display negative reviews that rank higher than legitimate information about your brand. If this happens, these negative posts can be very difficult to remove and send your reputation into a drastic and rapid downward spiral.

How it affects your bottom line


Consider that if you have a negative online review and it’s seen only once a day for 5 years, that’s 1,825 potential customers who will be scared away by that negative review. Assuming you sell a $20 product, that’s $36,500 in potential revenue lost from a single bad review that ranks online.

“Businesses need a program to regularly encourage satisfied customers to write reviews. These actions of protection also serve as positive marketing and substantially helps a business’ credibility when potential customers Google their brand.”

- Forbes -




What Can VerView Do For You?

Learn about how VerView works for you and your brand. You are more powerful than you realize!

VerView allows you to:

  • include Google Reviews
  • reach out directly to customers
  • resolve negative reviews
  • have and maintain control of your reviews.

Your own platform

Your own platform

VerView is a proprietary platform that gives businesses full ownership over their online reputation through the control of reviews and customer/client relationships. Reviews for your products and services can now be used to help grow YOUR business.

Control and ownership

control and ownership

Take control over publishing content and reviews directly from your own website. VerView is designed to empower businesses. Own and manage your online reputation and benefit from both new and pre-existing reviews of products, services and employees.

Comprehensive and inclusive

Comprehensive and inclusive

The VerView platform amasses reviews directly from Google and amalgamates them with existing reviews from various sources such as thank-you emails, verbal and online testimonials and other various positive acknowledgements. All published digitally, under your control.

Only the highest standards

Only the highest standards

VerView was developed following Google developer guidelines and built to the highest standards in reliability and performance for the sole purpose of getting you the results your business deserves.



recent reviews

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Be notified of unsatisfied customers

By offering customers a place to share their reviews with you directly, you are aware of dissatisfied customers and can respond to and resolve complaints before they are posted to a third party site without your knowledge.


Control your reviews, protect your reputation

VerView is your review system, not someone else’s. Third party review sites can be helpful, but they take control out of the hands of businesses and are often a place where unsubstantiated attacks can happen, and dissatisfied customers go to vent. We believe third party review sites are not always an accurate reflection of a business’s reputation.

VerView Hakim

Interstone Review

Powerful ranking & SEO

VerView was built following Google developer guidelines to ensure the reviews you publish rank online.

“Lots of good reviews can increase your business’ local rankings in search engines. Currently, Google displays the top three most relevant businesses for any given query. When someone searches for a business in your area that’s like yours, Google uses customer ratings as a major determining factor for whom it places in those top three spots.”

– -


Use your untapped reviews

Under regular circumstances, potential customers would be unaware of the many emails, thank-you cards and referrals that you often receive for the excellent products and service you provide. VerView allows you to easily publish these success stories for online visibility, greater search engine ranking power and increased sales conversions.

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Acquire new customers faster

Everyone looks at reviews before investing in products or services. Start using the positive experiences of your existing client base to help you sell more. You have many customers that would happily share a review if they had a convenient way to do so.


Get valuable customer feedback

VerView can be customized so that your customers can easily provide reviews on the details that are specific to your business. Improve communication and garner customer loyalty all while getting valuable feedback on your products, customer service, and locations.

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Easy to setup and use

VerView was designed to achieve maximum results with minimal effort. Easy to setup, monitor and use – you will see new reviews as they come in and be able to respond to any customer issues with the click of a button.