Dr. Yolanda Cruz Toronto Dentist

100 Richmond St W #443, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3K6, Canada
This clinic is one of the most elegant dental clinic I have ever stepped foot on and the professionalism of the staff perfectly lives up to its elegancy. I've worked in a dental clinic before and it can be a mess at the administrative desk, however, these ladies are always greeting their clients with respect and positivity. Dr. Yolanda Cruz is clearly passionate about her profession. She provides efficiency in her work and accommodates proper care for her clients. Her hygienists and assistants are among the best I've came to know. They are focused and well-driven, and most importantly, they always find a way to engage with their patients. I've been a client for about 3 years now and because of Dr. Cruz, I am proud to say that my braces experience has been exhilarating. The drastic improvements of my teeth 3 years ago would not have been possible if it weren't for this wonderful team. I travel an hour and a half for every appointment and there is a reason why I chose a clinic that's 11 miles away from home than one that is only a block away. I highly recommend them, they will take good care of your teeth!

Dawson Dental Centre

1 Queen St E #2101, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2W5, Canada
Tried to upsell by misleading. Went in for a dental implant consultation, said the other incisor was a pegged lateral and we'd need to make a gap and put veneer on that and then put a matching implant on the other side. Codswallop. The pegged lateral is already positioned just fine, isn't bad and doesn't need to be messed with. Dr Mendel's own teeth weren't that great either. This "perfect smile" business is alright but at least provide the patient with the complete information and long-term consequences of things you suggest.

Toothworks Bay Adelaide Dental

333 Bay St #C20, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2R2, Canada
I have been going here for the past year and a half for a reason. The staff here is great, very accommodating and very friendly. I highly recommend anyone who works in the downtown area to continually book their appointments here. 5 Stars!

Toothworks Richmond-Adelaide Dental

120 Adelaide St W #r25, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1T1, Canada
I usually hate going to the dentist, but the team at the Toothworks location at Richmond Adelaide make it a great experience. They are always on time, friendly, and accommodating. Especially like Chris Bien. Best dental hygienist I've ever had! Friendly, personable and does an awesome job! Definitely worth checking out for your next cleaning or dental visit.

Altima Dental Centre at First Canadian Place

100 King St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1B8, Canada
I came to know Dr Riazi in that location. I had never seen such a professional dentist taking time to explain all about the care one needs for teeth. He thoroughly examined my teeth and provided the best possible treatment abailable. I have been going to that location for a few years and i am very happy with all the staff.

Adelaide Dental

20 Adelaide St E #100, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1J4, Canada
Perfect location if you work or live downtown. Unfortunate my wife and I are retired so it's out of our way but we're not willing to give up this great team.

Dentalhouse - Downtown Dental Care

40 King St W #1103, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3Y2, Canada
I was so impressed with Dr. Connors and his facility. He's very knowledgeable, they have the most modern technology and my experience was very relaxing.

Hatamian Dentistry

100 Yonge St #Suite 1004, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2W1, Canada
Dr. Hatamian and all the staff here are great! They make going to the dentist a pleasant experience! :)

Downtown Dental Associates

181 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3M7, Canada
So glad to be apart of such an incredible team! Our amazing patients make everyday so enjoyable!

H & M Dental and Associates

123 Edward St #810, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1E2, Canada
Dr.Ben is by far the BEST dentist I've ever had in my life. He has also done some major dental work for my family members. All of us are extremely satisfied and happy to be under his care.

Toothworks King-York Dental

121 King St W #Unit B113, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3X7, Canada
Great dentist in the heart of financial district! Very good experience overall and super convenient. They go above and beyond to help with any concerns.

Bond Street Dental Implants Toronto

113 Bond St, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1Y2, Canada
The hygienist, Vi, was amazing! Very knowledgeable, patient, and kind!

City Oasis Dental

Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1K9, Canada
I went in for a dental cleaning. The office is elegant and pristine, really living up to its Oasis name. The reception staff was hospitable and courteous. Ryan took the time to give me a tour of the office. Their equipment is advanced and new. My hygienist Rachel was wonderful, doing a fantastic job, taking the time to explain the tasks she was performing, checking up on my comfort level, initiating conversation, giving it that personal touch that can be hard to find as a patient. I personally plan on returning for any further dental needs.

Downtown Dentistry

438 University Ave #1800, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2K8, Canada
I have thought about switching to someone closer in Etobicoke but whenever I do visit Dr Chan's I am reminded why I come here. The dentists are all wonderful, kind and professional. Today I had Dr Kim, who did a great job on a filling- she did it quickly and was really accommodating. I trust their care. Everyone from Dr Chan to hygienists to front desk are all wonderful! Thank you for all the years of care!!

University Of Toronto Dentistry

101 Elm St, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2L3, Canada
Don't go here. They took my money Knocked out my tooth. I got abused by Supervisors and students. Took them 7 1/2 months to do a bad bridge. On purpose.Sent my dental file to my home.Changed documents. There not trained properly. The assistant Dean was an a hole. He passed away. One less for us. They ruin your mouth. No apologies. Especially don't go to Clinic 1 That's where all the dummies are. I had to make many complaints about this place and doctors

Royal Bank Plaza Dental Centre - Downtown Toronto

200 Bay St #LR2, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2J3, Canada
Andrew Lee and I met in 1993 (when we were both young!) and I am very happy to say that I continue to be a very happy patient. He and his staff have always been helpful and available. I would highly recommend them.

Yonge and Front Dental

33 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1G4, Canada
Doctor Hobbs is one of most amiable and knowledgeable dentists I've ever met. She really puts you at ease and teaches everything you need to know about how to take care of your teeth. The whole staff is very friendly as well. Highly recommend!

City Dental Toronto

415 A Yonge St #101, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2E7, Canada
Honestly, Dr. Gill is laid-back and awesome to converse with, while simultaneously keeping it extremely professional and punctual with all of my appointments with him. I've been going to him for almost 3 years now due to being a ryerson University student. I now travel 100km one way just to see him for my appointments because he's that good!

Toothworks Yonge-Carlton Dental

427 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1T1, Canada
very friendly staff!! everyone seems to care about the patients at the clinic. i'm somewhat frighten to go to dental clinics but i was very comfortable and relaxed through out the treatment

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