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30 Wertheim Ct #19, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 1B9, Canada
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Dr. Lloyd Hoffman Perio is a boutique periodontal office, that Dr. Hoffman established in 1989 in Richmond Hill. Cutting edge techniques and technology paired with a warm and caring environment makes us the office for your dental work!
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16 hours ago
Ozzie Altomare
It was truly a great experience having my Dental implant surgery with Dr Hoffman. He truly cares about his patients taking the time to explain what to expect and to make follow up calls personally to check on his patients. My family dentist calls Dr Hoffman a magician and I would strongly agree eith him.

20 hours ago
This was a life-changing experience for me: I set my fears aside and believed the grafting would be a success. Dr. Hoffman's assurances and expertise contributed to a positive atmosphere and outcome.

6 months ago
Dental Implant
My first time for a implant as we all no a Little fearful! Drv Hoffman Made this procedure a walk in the park! Write from the get go how he explained the whole process was very clear and knowledgeable! Dr Hoffman was a pure pleasure to be with great attitude & funny shure put me at ease!!! The staff were also friendly and amazing!!! Thanks so much I do love great service like this!!!

8 months ago
Amazing Periodontist
I had an incredible experience with Dr. Lloyd Hoffmann's Perio team. Every step of the procedure was thoroughly explained. The appointments were timely and my journey from extraction to implant was painless, and my implant feels comfortable and natural. The atmosphere and staff were welcoming and friendly. I have recommended Dr. Hoffman to my family and friends, should they require this form of dental service. Thank you Dr. Hoffman for taking care of my new bite. Karen J.

9 months ago
Connective Tissue Grafting Surgery
In my opinion, Dr. Hoffman has the best bed side manner of any professional that I have met. The surgery to repair lowering gum lines is not pleasant. It means 3 weeks of great inconvenience and recovery, initially painful. What has make this experience very manageable is Dr. Hoffman's humour, care and skill. I was kept informed at every step before, during and after the surgery process. It's not too often that a doctor will call you in the evening to find out how you are doing. I received the same type of special treatment 4 years ago for the other side of my mouth. Thank you Dr. Hoffman for being a compassionate professional.

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May 25, 2019
I was referred to Dr. Hoffman by my dentist to get an implant and I'm so very glad she did. Dr. Hoffman was wonderful and it was amazing to see how skilled he was. He had latest equipment which made the procedure very comfortable as well. I highly recommend Dr. Hoffman to anyone looking to get dental work done.

Dec 4, 2018
I am a practicing dentist in Niagara falls however I was introduced to Dr. Hoffman by my Lawyer Kevin Sherkin (who is amazing btw), my brother had recession on his lower front tooth, So Dr. Hoffman was the first person I thought of to send my brother there. My brother couldn't stop raving about what a fabulous job Dr. Hoffman and his team accomplished. If you need an implant or a surgery involving your gums, I Highly Highly recommend Dr. Hoffman. Thanks a million!

Sep 10, 2016
Great professional! So happy to find dr Lloyd when needed. He did a great job cleaning up the mess after some horrible butcher and pretty much saved me.

Dec 21, 2016


  • Expert
    Dr. Hoffman has over 30 years of specialized experience as a periodontist.
  • Friendly
    We pride ourselves in customer care and focus on providing a warm and comfortable environment to treat our clients in a calm and relaxed setting.
  • Innovator
    With our cutting edge techniques and technology like our CBCT scanner we get you the best results!

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