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300-3075 Hospital Gate, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 1M1, Canada
(905) 901-5561
Family dental practice serving the community of Oakville and surrounding areas.
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May 24, 2019
I highly recommend this dental office. There is a positive vibe flowing through the office. Everyone works well together and the staff will do what they can to make sure you have a good dental experience. They understood my one son was nervous about going and took the time to make him feel relaxed. After the appointment, he told me they were good dentists and really nice people. A+!!

May 7, 2019
I had a dental emergency and Kiwi Dental booked me right away. I was pretty anxious going in but the staff was very friendly and put me at ease. The procedure itself was quick and painless, and I watched Netflix the entire time. Highly recommended!

Apr 21, 2019
Such a great dentist. They are awesome with my 3 boys (3,7&8) especially one being Autistic. Would highly recommend Kiwi Dental Office

May 7, 2019
She is such a great dentist . I took my 2 year old baby there and she filled up her tooth super fast and great.

Mar 3, 2019
They squeezed me on for an emergency appointment. As it turned out I didn’t need any work. They did take an X-ray which confirmed that everything was fine. Nice staff all around.


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