Dr. Richard Rival

30 Bond St, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1W8, Canada
If you want your nose looking cricked, droopy, and completely disgusting then go right ahead. WORST DOCTOR EVER. MADE MY NOSE LOOK HORRIBLE. And won't even fix it.

Dr. Philip Solomon MD, FRCSC

30 Bond St, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1W8, Canada
I’m a 32 year old male and I have been quite unhappy and self-conscious with my nose for most of my life. I was considering many doctors and came across Dr Philip Solomon in my search. I drove 1 1/2 hours to meet him for my consultation and he was very honest and helpful in his evaluation. In surgery, he is quite skilled as he delivered exactly what I was hoping for. Dr Solomon is without a doubt an incredible plastic surgeon.

Mocelle Edan Cosmetic Clinics

161 Bay St, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2S4, Canada

Dr 6ix Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

100 Front St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 1E3, Canada
I dont often write reviews online, but I feel that this review is well deserved. Dr. Martin Jugenburg was a professional! His knowledge and honesty during the consultation with him was comforting and made me confident with my decision and his work!! Outstanding surgeon! Not only was he a gem but his team is just as understanding, kind, honest, funny, personable and they all know their stuff! They walked me through every step of the way in both my surgeries. I will totally go back for more procedures in the future! Absolutely outstanding!

Dr. Mitchell Brown, Plastic Surgeon

790 Bay St #410, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1N8, Canada
Best Doctor in Toronto ! Changed my life ! Fixed a horrible breast augmentation from a previous doctor. Would recommend him to anyone !

Ford Plastic Surgery: Dr. Derek Ford

410-7 St Thomas St, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2B7, Canada
My experience with Dr. Ford and his surgical team, pre and post surgical staff was professional, caring and compassionate. His office staff are also very helpfull.I was referred by a previous client, and in turn have shared my experience to others.

Dr. Peter A. Adamson

150 Bloor St W #The Renaissance Plaza, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2X9, Canada
Words aren’t enough to describe Dr Adamson! He has hands like no other face/neck PS! From first consultation appt to the day and then post op appts, throughout a 10/10 from me, love u doc for making my nose like the best from all people I know, I hope u never retire:)

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery

Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2X9, Canada

Dr. Walter Peters

600 Sherbourne St #Suite 802, Toronto, Ontario, M4X 1W4, Canada
Dr. Peters is the most kind and caring doctor I ever met. I will recommend him to anyone for his expertise in plastic surgery.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

70 Yorkville Ave #31, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1B9, Canada
I had rhinoplasty in August 2017. My surgery experience was great. Dr Torgerson and his team were very professional and caring. I had my bump removed, nose straighten and tip reduced. It has been 3 months since the surgery and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Torgerson is an exceptional surgeon and a true artist. I highly recommend Dr. Torgerson if you are interested in facial cosmetic surgery or other procedures he provides at his clinic. Thank you so much Dr. T!!

The Plastic Surgery Clinic Toronto

67 Scollard St, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1G4, Canada
I had a Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) exactly 2 months ago. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking to have any type of cosmetic procedure. My experience was positive from start to finish. All the staff I have encountered over the past 5 months (receptionists, nurses, and Dr. Ahmad) have been very nice and professional. Pros: great service, reasonable price, free consult, 2 clinic locations Cons: NONE

Dr Bray Cosmetic Surgery

66 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3N8, Canada

Dr Sandy James Pritchard

66 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3N8, Canada
I had my revision rhinoplasty w Dr Pritchard back in 2012. He faced a challenge of fixing the work of another surgeon. I had reasonable expectations and I felt like he did not overprimise nor did he underdeliver. The surgery went well, he has achieved the most natural look I could have imagined. The bedside manner was professional. Overall, had a found the need for another beauty correction in future I, without hesitation, would return to Dr Pritchard.

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic - La Fontaine Source De Jeunesse

890 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3P4, Canada
DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!! They are scam artists period. I went in for my consultation for a breast augmentation in September. I got my measurements then I gave them $100 to hold the price that they had for that month. I didn’t not know when I was booking my surgery yet but the price they had at the time was a good deal. Fast forward to 2 months later I found out I am pregnant which means I cannot get my surgery done. I have called this place about 12 times to get my $100 back and EVERY SINGLE TIME I keep getting the run around from the receptionist there. First she said Christina is the manager and I have to wait for her call on Monday. No call... so I called them and asked for Christina. The same lady I spoke with told me there is no Christina working there. So she insured me that she will call me on Friday because she has to talk to the accountant. It’s now MONDAY and I still haven’t heard anything back... weeks later. Places like this are scam artist who only care about taking your money. PLEASEEEE DO NOT GO HERE! They will take your money and run.

The Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic: Dr. Michael J. Weinberg

1-66 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3N8, Canada
Dr. Michael J. Weinberg is an artist in the cosmetic industry. I was referred to Dr. Weinberg by a few friends and will always be thankful they did. I traveled to see Dr. Weinberg a year ago for a consultation for a breast reduction.I procrastinated for a year on having a surgery. I had my surgery 6wks ago and I am beyond happy with my results, they are beyond my expectations! I had instant relief from back and shoulder pain.I feel motivated to do things that I felt restricted to do prior my surgery. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Weinberg for all he's done for me!! I will (and have) refer Dr. Weinberg to my friends and family. Thank you to all the staff for being patient with me while I was making the decisions to follow through with the decision to have the surgery! Jolie


66 Avenue Rd #4, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3N8, Canada
I had lips and a skin-only tummy tuck with Dr. Mulholland and the entire experience was great. He is so kind and knowledgeable about what he does. All of the staff made me feel comfortable before, during and after the surgery. All of my questions were answered and they genuinely cared about my feelings and concerns. As for the surgery itself, I’m thrilled with my flat stomach and hour glass curves! I’m so glad I did this, it was worth the money, recovery, and patience because I now feel more confident and beautiful in my own skin.

Visage Clinic: Dr. Marc DuPéré

101-133 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 0A6, Canada
Just returned home from Toronto where our son underwent chest wall reconstruction at Visage Clinic under the expert care of Dr. DuPere. Can't verbalize how well we were treated by the Dr. and his great staff, from initial consultation to post-op with our son. Results are amazing! We would highly recommend Dr. DuPere at the Visage Clinic in Toronto.

Face Cosmetic Surgery

251 Davenport Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1J9, Canada
2 years later and I'm very pleased with the results. Dr. Asaria was great, and his wife (who I think own or runs the place) even gave me a small student discount, as I was still in school at the time of surgery. If you're a male considering septo-rhino, Dr. Asaria is the professional for you.

Dr. Jamil Asaria

251 Davenport Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1J9, Canada
I had a wonderful experience with my rhinoplasty at Dr. Asaria's office. Everyone I met was so friendly. Shania, the nurse, checked me in promptly when I got there and is so sweet. Afterwards I met Monica, who gave me my instructions and had to repeat them several times (due to my anxiety) but assured me I could call her any time. I met Dr Donelly from anesthesia, who was very experienced . The OR nurse then came to get me and held my hand into the procedure room (i forgot her name!). All I remember is lying down then waking up to Maria in the recovery. The team here is absolutely outstanding, and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a procedure.

Ashlin Alexander Facial Cosmetic Surgery

251 Davenport Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1J9, Canada
I had a septorhinoplasty and am very pleased with the results! I can breath much better than before and my nose is straighter too! Wonderful job!

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