iOPW Inc.

iOPW Inc. Claimed

3 reviews
304 Toronto St. S. #204, Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1Y2, Canada
Martin staf thank you for you hard work you guys very good I proud to go there I very happy I will recommend anyone whoo want to know to drive truck there is the place thank again guys
  • Efficient - Gold
  • Expert - Gold
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  • Innovator - Gold
  • Trust - Gold
  • Value - Gold
  • Barrie Chamber of Commerce - Gold
  • Markham Board of Trade - Gold

Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing Claimed

Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 4M8, Canada
I got interviewed for about 1 hour then the guy who was following my job application said he’d call me back if I were to be hired or not, he never follow through his promise and contact me 3 weeks later. I got the job and all I got was wrong information example, he gave a payroll dated 2012 even though the document was not 2018 payroll. I decided to give it a try, he promised if I had any issues to contact him directly on his cellphone because this job was weekends, one day their client pushed an update for the tablet and I couldn’t make any sales.... I tried to call him, email him and text him and including his boss and never got an answer until next day just to waste my entire day and not pay me for troubleshooting with their client all day to get the tablet fixed, the I resigned because the didn’t pay me for the day that I spent on the phone and texting and calling long distance to have their tablet fixed. They will harass you until they get their equipment back not thinking you can’t be home all day waiting for FedEx to come and not giving you the right information and forcing you to be home for them. they won’t give you a date for the outstanding balance, their contract is very misleading and expect you to follow up every week without pay at their most convenient schedule without thinking you asking if you’re available. if you value yourself as A hard Canadian worker, avoid this scamming company.

MacGillivray Marketing Inc.

MacGillivray Marketing Inc. Claimed

15 Princess St. Apt 5, Mississauga, Ontario, L5M1Z8, Canada

Norgar Creative Solutions

Norgar Creative Solutions Claimed

Barrie, Ontario, L4M 0A1, Canada
  • Barrie Chamber of Commerce

Pamella Branch Marketing-Design

Pamella Branch Marketing-Design Claimed

Meaford, Ontario, N4L 1B8, Canada

Hart Direction

Hart Direction Claimed

314 Neptune Crescent, London, Ontario, N6M 1A1, Canada
  • Expert
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  • Trust

Conrad Kruger Marketing Agency

Conrad Kruger Marketing Agency Claimed

1692 Gisi Rd, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, S6V 7P1, Canada
  • Efficient
  • Expert
  • Friendly

Zap Creative

Zap Creative Claimed

1002 A Central Ave, Saskatoon, Saskatchewen, S7N 2G9, Canada

Aventura Marketing

Aventura Marketing Claimed

4208 97 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 5Z9, Canada
I have been working for Aventura for 8 months and have had only great experiences. It is the kind of place where the harder you are willing to work, the more support they will provide you and the more money you can make. The training was really thorough and helpful and they are always looking to hire managers from within, so great growth opportunities!

Sidekick Marketing

Sidekick Marketing Claimed

21-1450 Union Rd, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1V 3E1, Canada Website Design/Development & Marketing Agency Website Design/Development & Marketing Agency Claimed

198 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver, British Columbia, V0N 3A0, Canada

Cadence Creative Studio

Cadence Creative Studio Claimed

771 Vernon Ave #Suite #303, Victoria, British Columbia, V8X 5A7, Canada
As a small start up business in Victoria, we knew we delivered a great service and had the right team, however our marketing was a missing piece of the puzzle. Cadence brought us analogue guys into the digital age! When meeting with Cadence the first time, we discussed our company philosophy, scope of practice and target market. Except for sending some photos and content, Cadence did the rest! They created an awesome website template and made a stunning, easy to navigate site. Once the first draft was ready, we went through it together and all the features were explained. After a couple of rounds of revisions (mostly content based) the site was ready to go. The team were very helpful, responded to any and all communication within hours and delivered us an awesome product within the time frame agreed. Once the site was launched, Cadence spent 2 hours training us in how to edit the site, so that we have full control and don't need to rely on hiring out. Throughout the whole process, our bigger marketing plan was grown and discussed, it really felt like Cadence were a part of our team and only had our company's growth on their minds! We would hugely recommend the Cadence team! Thanks guys! Website & Marketing Business Solutions Website & Marketing Business Solutions Claimed

5848 Medusa St, Sechelt, British Columbia, V0N 3A3, Canada
Creative, innovative and wonderful to work with. They rebranded & retargeted our athletic & spa facility. Amazing ROI. We are in our 5th year of working with this agency . 5 stars for personalized client service & results.

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