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Full Service Fire and Safety Specialists Serving Chicago, Northern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana since 1960 We distribute and market fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, fire sprinkler systems, burglar alarms and exit lighting systems. Fox Valley Fire & Safety is the one company that does it all.
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4 months ago

We were very happy with the service.

I just wanted to write you quick and express that we were very satisfied with the service, knowledge, diligence and overall experience we had when the guys came out to our manufacturing facility to inspect, service and put new tags on all of our fire extinguishers. Your service technician, Tony, answered all of the questions I had, let me know what he was doing and why and was also very good at explaining everything. Long story short we were very happy with the service and experience that was brought when he was on site.

4 months ago

Kudos to Michael - job well done!

I had the pleasure of meeting with your fire extinguisher technician, Michael. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable as he explained what we needed for our annual service on our fire extinguishers. He was very polite, efficient and friendly. You certainly have a great employee in Michael. You can be proud of his representation of your business. I'd highly recommend your company to others because of his exceedingly high performance. Kudos to Michael - job well done!

6 months ago

He made sure we understood everything

I just want to let you know that today the training for our in-house fire pump churn testing went well, and the detailed instructional manual provided is exactly what we need, kudos to whoever put that together. Alex should get special recognition for his knowledge (and patience) as he walked us through each step we'll need to perform, and thoroughly explaining every item and action of the fire alarm panel and fire pump system. He made sure we understood everything, answering all our questions, and providing loads of useful information. He really impressed us with his knowledge and expertise, he know his stuff!

9 months ago

Pierre was very courteous and pleasant to all the people

Just a short note to tell you how pleased my tenants and I were to have your service tech, Pierre, perform the annual service on all of the fire extinguishers at our properties. Pierre was very courteous and pleasant to all the people in both buildings. Thank you for scheduling him to service our extinguishers.

11 months ago

What a pleasure!

I wanted to touch base with your organization to let you know what a great job your fire alarm technicians did yesterday at our office building. Chad and Lenny came out to perform our annual fire alarm system service inspection. They went through the entire fire alarm system with a fine tooth comb, answered all of my questions and gave us some helpful suggestions on fire safety. What a pleasure! All too often in this day and age we very rarely get to hear of the good, only the bad. I thought it would be good for you to hear your employees are outstanding.

12 months ago

Made me feel valued as a client

I know it’s often that we only hear negative reports, but I wanted to pay a compliment to your Sprinkler Service Scheduler, Sarah. She called to schedule our Fire Safety work this afternoon for our Chicago office. Sarah was informative and very helpful with non-related questions that I had regarding other services. Her customer service skills made me feel valued as a client.

13 months ago

A great big thanks for having such a great group of people

I just wanted to give you a great big thanks for having such a great group of people working for Fox Valley Fire & Safety! Everybody was very professional, and were terrific at answering all the questions I had (and I learned quite a bit from these guys regarding our systems). And of course, thanks to you for the great job of providing good, thorough, and easy to understand price quotes for your services. I kind of stumbled into this position, and it’s going to be a whole lot easier next year thanks to all your help! I must say that based on my experience with your company, I would not hesitate to recommend Fox Valley Fire & Safety to anybody needing the fire prevention services you offer. Thanks again for your help and understanding!

Feb 21, 2023

He took the time to work with my team

I just wanted to mention your recent fire alarm service call to our corporate North Shore office. Your technician, Rich did a great job. He took the time to work with my team, corrected our fire alarm system and tested for proper operation. An absolute pleasure to work with. Rich provides excellent service, technical skills and customer service skills. Thank you very much.

Jan 12, 2023

We are very happy with all the services

On 11.24.20, one of your technicians, Tom, performed the annual service of our building's emergency and exit lighting. He did an outstanding job. He was very cordial and professional. He explained to me how the devices work and how the test was done. I was able to see the work being done. In the past we used other companies and we were not satisfied with their job. This time we decided to use Fox Valley. We have used your company this year in different projects and we are very happy with all the services. Tom was extraordinary. Please take some minutes to recognize his work.

Dec 30, 2022

He was so patient

I don't normally write these types of emails, and I am sure you already know this, but Fabian is probably the best technician of any kind we have had perform services for our company. His work on our emergency and exit lighting is excellent and he knows exactly what he is doing. He was so patient with me and he took the time to explain what he was doing and why. We will all miss his friendly smile and cheerful demeanor around our office after today. I wish I had ten Fabians on my staff!


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