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4257 Sherwoodtowne Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 1Y5, Canada
(905) 270-0073
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Apr 29, 2019
I am so glad that I found SMP Law. From my intial call I was met with care and professionalism and I had a feeling that I had found a lawyer whom I can trust. Shawn has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident leaving my most personal yet daunting legal issues in his capable hands. I get the sense that Shawn has taken my cases not simply to profit financially but to help me. For this I am most grateful. I am leaving it all to SMP Law with Shawn Philbert at the helm to steer right and take care of my family and civil issues. I recommend this caring, professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic group with confidence. Thank you SMP LAW.

Feb 15, 2019
Shawn Philbert and the SMP Law team have been able to quickly assess my legal needs and provide a detailed strategy towards resolution. I have worked with other law firms in the past. SMP Law has been a step above the others, from the start. My experience with Shawn and his team has been very warm and receptive. I feel my needs have been closely considered and tasks completed in a timely and efficient way. It was impressive to see how SMP Law was able to demonstrate an in depth and unique knowledge of legal computer applications which helped to avoid unnecessary rework and cost. Along the way, I was provided clear explanations and insight which allowed me to better articulate my needs and expectations. I was able to feel a sense of inclusion in the process. I will be recommending Shawn and the SMP Law team to anyone in need of legal expertise. Happy Client (February 2019)

Mar 28, 2019
On the day that I phoned SMP Law's Office, Lorrie took my information for Shawn who was in Court at the time. He made it a point of duty to call me back by the end of that day. Within a few days afterwards, that matter was dealt with completely and satisfactorily, by him and his team. Their competency and efficiency stood out as compared with others I had encountered previously. So if you want to remove your legal headaches permanently, I'd highly recommend choosing SMP Law, you'll be glad that you did.

Mar 24, 2019
I first met Shawn and his staff at a community event that he was sponsoring. At the time I was not in the market for a family lawyer as I already had one on retainer. However, I got tired of the "volleyball game" and decided to give Shawn a call. I don't regret it for one second. My matter had been going back and forth for two years when I retained Shawn and in the 6 months since I have retained Shawn there is light at the end of the tunnel. Shawn and his staff are professional, courteous, kind and very patient. I highly recommend SMP Law to take care of your business with the utmost professionalism.

Apr 3, 2019
Our daughters hockey team were guests this year for SMP Law night at the Mississauga Steelheads OHL game. Shawn provided tickets for all of the players and their family's for what turned out to be a great night of fun for the girls and their families. What we think the thing that says the most is that Shawn made a point of stopping to visit with everyone that was there for SMP night and making sure that everyone was having a good time. SMP Law have been great community partners and Shawn brings that special touch that only a true professional can!


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