Allstate Insurance: Hamilton West Agency

1508 Upper James St, Hamilton, Ontario
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2 months ago
Bad experience. Handled terribly. Manager has a poor attitude. Is there 1/2 star?

2 months ago
Late mailing important papers, not helpful at all when I got in an accident. Told me to call in to get everything taken care of, and then was told they can't take care of me. Next call I got was work being shut down. Thanks for the closest fight to suicide I've ever had, Allstate.

4 months ago
I wish there were 0 stars! Absolutely terrible service, my mother purchased a vehicle yesterday and immediately after purchasing it we went to Allstate where she currently has her insurance policy and the lady there; Leanne was an absolute disaster. She was rude, impolite, made my mother cry and completely ruined our day after all our joy for buying the new vehicle. I 100% was very upset and disgusted with the service she needs to lose her job, she clearly is not meant to be working in customer service I wish that no one ever has to deal with her. Terrible terrible terrible service absolute disaster, stay clear of Leanne!!!!

11 months ago
Only reason I am rating 3 stars is because a nice lady, Cathy Medwid restored my faith by getting me the information I needed promptly and effectively. My first interaction with an agent by the name of Jennifer did not go so well. She failed to get back to me at all regarding my inquiry. I would give a 1 star rating if it weren't for Cathy who deserves 5 stars for her efforts.

10 months ago
It's been about a year and they still haven't changed their service? What a shame. Don't bring your business here. If there's a choice for no stars I would've chosen no stars. Not only did the lady at the desk have attitude (as another reviewer mentioned) but the other three I've encountered as well. One guy was yawning while instructing me to go to the front, another worker was walking slouched dragging his feet on the ground like he didn't want to work and the other was in the back not willing to help with service.


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Allstate Insurance: Hamilton West Agency
1508 Upper James St, #Unit 226
Hamilton, ON, L9B 1K3

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Mon:9 am - 6 pm
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