BMO Bank of Montreal

BMO Bank of Montreal

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2.4 Google Review
438 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2K8, Canada
(416) 596-8814
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Mar 21, 2019
Poor experience with the bank and their advisors. Ineffective and unprofessional. Have GIC at their bank at 1% return. Asked to withdraw it several years in a row, told by various advisors that it would be done, and informed today that it can only be withdrawn within the week that it matures!? All the previous advisors have no idea of what they were talking about. Booked an appointment for mortgage and no one was there. High turnover and a new face pretty much everytime. Will be switching to another bank. Others be warned! ------------------ Thank you for your response. I am genuinely disappointed in my interactions at the branch. I want my review to be fair. I would be happy to discuss it with someone from BMO, if a contact can be provided.

Mar 27, 2019
Ineffective advisors! No record of a booked appointment, looking at her personal emails during meeting, performed the wrong transfers. What else could go wrong. Should have just stayed home.

Aug 20, 2017
This place screwed up my transaction more than a couple of times. And I'm a student, so money is a big deal for me. First, they printed me the wrong bank account information so i had to talk to my boss, go back and ask for a new one, give my boss the new information and wait another week until i get my pay. Second, they recommended me to get a TSFA account and transfer most of my money there. And now, my money is locked into that account and i have to wait until late october, book an appointment with a financial manager in order to withdraw all those money. Sigh...waste of time. Thirdly, i had to pay tuition and that day, tuition was due, so i came here to change my limit on my debit card. And the receptionist(white female) told me, "oh, why don't you pay here, the money will transfer to your school today" and i told her "but its gonna take a few business day", and she said "don't worry, its a special day. your money will get there." So i gave in and paid it at the bank, and what do ya know, i got a late fee from school and i have to pay a $50 late fee. Thanks a lot for lying to my face. Honestly, I'm so disappointed with BMO. A trip to the bank has to be a nightmare somehow.

Sep 5, 2017
right above the subway station, so convenient. can't comment on their in person service but the atm machines are weirdly located .. there is not much space for lineups. their surfaces are kinda unclean too

Dec 22, 2016
This was the first BMO that really made the concept of a bank as a business stand out. Disliked the service due to the bank prioritizing fees that they charged me instead of the fact I've been with them with years and clearly he priority should be on the customer, not an attempted redirect to gain a few bucks from a loyal customer

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