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48 Trider Crescent #Unit 6, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1V6, Canada
(902) 469-5625 novascotia.popalock.ca
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23 days ago
Key locked in trunk
Locked my keys in my trunk after a visit to Walmart. Within an hour and a half he arrived and was able to open the car door, access the back seat and dismount the seat and access the trunk. Kyle was of great help. He was extra cautious as to not wreck the vehicle (my mother’s BMW) and did everything in his possible to get me the key even when it seemed like impossible. Saved my day! Highly recommend!
20 days ago
Kyle is one of our top locksmiths in North America. Great to hear he could help you.

4 months ago
wonderful service
Had starting problem with Mazda Tribute.( would take 5 or 6 flips of the key to engage. Took it to Auto Electric in Burnside Dartmouth. $ 488.00 later the car was was the same as when I took it in. For that kind of money they told me it " should " be a little better than it was. Yep $ 488.00 !! took it to Pop A Lock and Kyle wiggled and jiggled and tested and tested. A half hour later I drove away totally fixed. Can't say enough about this outfit. If you want the definition of professional look under Pop A Lock. Thanks Guys and Gals.
20 days ago
We sure appreciate the review and comments. Our team strives to exceed expectations.

6 months ago
Awesome service
Accidentally left FOB in trunk of foreign car. CAA unable to help. They called Pop-a-Lock and they solved the problem within 30 minutes. To CAA's credit, they paid. Only hitch was that I had to wait three and a half days for Pop-a-Lock to arrive because they are so busy. It is easy to see why. Person on the phone was terrific and Kyle, the service guy, was awesome to deal with and a genius at what he does.
4 months ago
Thanks Donna for your comment and review. Our services are in such demand, but glad we could get to you.

8 months ago
It's never great to loose a proximity key , but thanks to Kyle , he quickly got my Infiniti mobile!! The service was fantastic & I would rate them at 10 stars ! If you are ever in need of keys , fobs, key programming , etc - go see the staff at Pop-A-lock- awesome service at a fraction of dealer prices !! Thanks again Kyle !!
7 months ago
Glad we could save you time and money. Kyle is one of our top vehicle locksmiths and we are lucky to have him on the team. We pride ourselves in saving your time and money.

Dec 6, 2019
So impressed!
We are super impressed by this company! The woman I spoke with at reception is courteous, knowledgeable and exceptionally pleasant. The technician was prompt, skilled, polite and worked quickly and efficiently. I will definitely call Pop A Lock the next time we need a locksmith.
Jan 6, 2020
Well thank you Carmelita for your comments and review. Glad the team could help !

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Oct 27, 2018
I would absolutely recommend this company! I was accidentally locked out of my apartment and had to call Pop-A-Lock. An employee was at my apartment within 30 minutes. He was very kind and understanding despite the difficult lock he had to deal with. He even took the time to explain the functions of the lock to me, and the fee was reasonable considering it took him a while to do. Thank you so much!!

Aug 19, 2018
Their mobile tech was able to program two aftermarket keys to my car the first try, where two other competitors locksmiths have failed at two separate attempts. He also did it promptly and with great customer service skills even though they were non stop busy. Highly recommended.

Sep 29, 2018
They are simply the best .I could not drive my car for a week because my keys were missing they came to my rescue. Thank you guys for all you are doing. They are cheap as well. Thank you

Sep 4, 2018
I wanted to commend the receptionist Carlie for her friendliness when I contacted Pop-A-Lock. I have dealt with a lot of companies in my career and it is refreshing to deal with someone who is cheerful, professional and appeared knowledgeable about her company. You should be proud to have her as the initial face of your company. Minerva Bowser

Sep 5, 2018
Amazing service from Kyle and Charlie. Very reasonable price and easy to deal with. Amazing 5 stars.

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