Semi Permanent Makeup by Jenny Lu

Semi Permanent Makeup by Jenny Lu

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106 Eversholt St, England, NW1 1BP, United Kingdom
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4 months ago
I now have uneven eyebrows. She corrected them once without charge but they were still uneven. She asked for a £20 fee to correct them again without asking for a photo to see how different they are. (even though in the original communication she said no charge for corrections) I’m not a fan.

4 months ago
Awful experience, I booked through wowcher so I thought it must be vetted surely. Wrong, my eyebrows are uneven and genuinely terrible. Straight after I left her I went to boots to get antiseptic wipes to try to wipe away as much ink as possible in hopes the procedure wouldn't be permanent. I scrub my eyebrows daily to try and reduce the impact she's left, I'm now left waiting to see how permanent the damage is, then i'll go elsewhere to have them fixed. The dye she used was too dark, the shape is wrong, they're uneven, she didn't explain a thing she was doing. I wholeheartedly regret going and I should have done my research first. Genuinely, I am so upset with how I look, please do your research first and avoid people like this. FYI this is the same woman that's based in Angel, i'm guessing she moves around a lot because she does such bad work.

11 months ago
I was recommended to have my eyebrows corrected by Jenny Lu by a total stranger I met who had already used Jenny’s services. My semi permanent eyebrows were done a year previously by another technician but with terrible results. The shape was too thin, uneven and in all the wrong places. Even I could see that but the technician wouldn’t agree and couldn’t do anything about it. I had paid her £300 for it too. I was left distraught and depressed over them. Then I saw a lady with perfectly shaped eyebrows and I just had to ask her if they were semi permanent. She told me Jenny was highly recommended. Jenny has since corrected them beautifully into 2 evenly matched eyebrows. I have since regained my confidence because people around me have complimented on how nice my eyebrows now look. I did look at all the work on Jenny’s website before booking so I can see she has hundreds of satisfied customers. When I read some of the reviews I was quite surprised to read a few negative comments but I was more concerned about how well she could do eyebrows more than anything else. Jenny is a natural artist and a perfectionist, she has been doing permanent eyebrows for over 10 years so I left her to it. She told me 2 of the reviews are from people who have never actually had treatments done with her, so they are in fact not even entitled to write a review. It’s quite bizarre why people would do that. They tried to book a consultation with her but Jenny chose not to book them in so they decided to damage her reputation online. She can get very busy so is choosy about who she accepts. I suggested she contact Google to have the comments removed as only real customers should have the right to write a comment but she said it doesn’t affect her business because people with any sense will only book based on the examples of her work. I can honestly say I can’t thank Jenny enough for making me feel better about myself again. It is priceless and I wanted to share this with anyone who’s considering having their eyebrows done by Jenny. She can charge people a lot more than she currently does but she just wants her services to be as affordable as possible. She’s so nice she wouldn’t even accept a tip

11 months ago
Jenny has been doing my eyebrows and lashes for over 5 years, she has always been professional and courteous. Jenny is a ‘one woman operation’ so booking in advance is advised to avoid disappointment. I have been surprised to see such negative comments about Jenny and her business and like myself I have only ever seen happy and satisfied customers leave It is shocking to see that random people are allow to defame someone’s character in this way and therefore urge any potential / existing customers to disregard these callous reviews that have been posted.

8 months ago
Stay away from this woman at all costs she's ruined my life with her terrible attempt at tattooing my eyebrows I've been left with uneven misshapen eyebrows that look totally unatural and are blotted and are grey in colour! I've had to endure 6 painful laser sessions and they are still there she cut so deep into my skin and used the wrong ink!! When confronting her about the mess she's left on my face she blamed my skin for rejecting ink yet I've had 13 other tattoos and never had this problem!! Stay away from her!!!

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