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170 N Queen St #Unit K, Suite 12, Toronto, Ontario, M9C 1A8, Canada
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7 months ago
After going to Natural Curly Hair Haven and getting my hair cut by Dixie I will definitely be going back! For the longest time I have felt like my hairdressers either make an "experiment" out of my hair or do what they think would look nice for my haircut and styling. Dixie was the first hairdresser I have had in a very long time who took the time to listen to what I wanted for my hair! We collaborated and Dixie made sure that I was happy with our plan before starting. The final result was amazing! I was so happy with the way my hair looked and felt! Thank you Dixie!

7 months ago
Let me start off by saying that Dixie is very nice and personable. She was able to accommodate me when I was about twenty minutes late with traffic. I wanted to give Dixie another chance before I wrote a review. However, both times Dixie absolutely disappointed me with my hair and I am shocked at how she has so many good reviews. Both times she gave me unflattering, bowl like hair cuts and chopped off about 5-6 inches in growth. I have healthy hair and there was no need for this. I got my hair cut by her today and I specifically told her to please keep the length and give me layers. The hair I had at almost mid-back length is now right beneath my shoulders. On top of this, there are NO layers at all and my hair is all one length, giving it an unflattering bowl look. Even if you check social media you will see that there are no pictures of people with long hair!!! I am completely heartbroken and confused as to why so many inches of my healthy hair had to be chopped off. I will not be returning and please be aware if you would like to keep your length.

7 months ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE. THANK YOU FOR GETTING MY HAIR BACK TO LIFE 💛 will most definitely keep coming back!

12 months ago
I am usually not someone who takes trouble with reviews, but this one deserves a huge one! I walked into this place with apprehensions; however I stepped out with beautiful curls and happier sellf! Dixie is a sweetheart. She had one look at my hair and she knew what to do with it! This will be my go-to from now on! Truly a haven for curly-haired girls like myself! :D :D

11 months ago
Really great... I haven't met anyone who could cut my hair the way I liked it... Just got my highlights done and now all my highlights look the same color.


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    By appointment only
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    Specialized curly Deva curl dry cut.
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    Every one is welcome to curlhaven, we are very personable and friendly.

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