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10728 Guildford Dr, Surrey, British Columbia, V3R 1W6, Canada
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3 months ago
I called Kelly on Friday afternoon on the fly, after calling 10 + companies on a Friday night on a long weekend, he was the only person who would come by and take a look at my shower, on such short notice I was grateful. He came here as soon as he could, took a look at it took my shower apart took the pieces and came back in the morning with the new parts to fix my shower, it was late so he couldn't finish the job. all in all he was 10/10, professional, on time, fast & efficient. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks a lot Kelly. I will call you for any future issues I come across. Take care - Mandii

3 months ago
Called this guy to look at our reno and 2 times he changed the day and time on us. He is not a designer but still kept asking us "why" "why" we were goimg with the plan we had. He wanted us to change things to the design he liked. Needless to say we did not use him. We wanted a plumber and not his opinion on the new design that was done by a professional designer to begin with.

Nov 30, 2019
Kelly's gave me a no nonsense opinion of what needed to be done. I purchased my own hot water tank and he and a helper came over the next day and installed it in a couple of hours. Highly recommended!

Feb 6, 2020
Kelly has fixed several plumbing issues for me. I appreciate his honesty and the fact he doesnt rip me off. I have no problem recommending him.

Mar 22, 2019
I called Kelly for a large plumbing leak in our home. Kelly talks a lot and continually brags about how he used to work on high rises, but wanted to do more and really help people out. After our two bathroom floors had been ripped open to expose the pipes, it became obvious that Kelly bravo was mostly fiction and he really was out of his league and had no idea how to fix the problem. He would say that he would be there on a certain day but wouldn't show up or if he did it was really late. He does not provide you with a quote and pulls excessive requests for money out of a hat. Perhaps that is how he can afford all the cruises and art purchases that he continually brags about. Once our plumbing was functional (but not really fixed) I ended up paying him just to get him out of my house, knowing that I would need to now contact a contractor to fix the whole bloody mess. Our contractor had to rip up all the floors again and have his Red Seal Plumber redo all the piping as it was installed incorrectly. A professional plumber should know that you don't set new pipes directly into cement - right?? They would also know how to reinstall a pedestal sink (it was shimmed with a piece of plastic and leaked). There were three toilet seals just to try and level the toilet with the floor. Bottom line ... save your hard earned cash and do not contact this person for any of your plumbing needs.

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