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#105 19232 Enterprise Way, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 6J9, Canada
(778) 547-5777
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Guildford Flooring has been supplying customers throughout Vancouver and Fraser Valley with a variety of flooring products and general support. We take pride in serving both retail customers, such as homeowners, and professional customers, such as builders, contractors, and repairmen. We offer laminate, engineered wood, vinyl, spc and wpc, carpet and more...
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  • Expert
    With 10+ years of experience and dedication we make sure that even to the smallest detail is well taken care of.
  • Friendly
    We want to make sure that you are happy from start to completion.
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    We offer 1 year warranty on all of our installation. If you have any issues after, please we will be happy to hear from you and see what needs to get done for your to continue to enjoy your floors.

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