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Yonge Street Physiotherapy

Yonge Street Physiotherapy

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4.5 Google Review
10 Royal Orchard Blvd, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 3C3, Canada
(647) 492-9877
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Apr 26, 2019
Similar experience as some others, after the initial consult (which seemed thorough and like they genuinely cared) I was pawned off on the assistant for my second appointment. I even heard others complain of this while I was there one time so it seems like common practice. My physiotherapist was Rohit (seemed like a nice guy, and perhaps he really is, but that's not what I'm there for). During my initial appointment, the physiotherapist performed acupuncture (nice teaser) before handing me off to the assistant the second appointment who CAN'T even do acupuncture. Instantly I was very disappointed and spoke to the actual physiotherapist after my appointment, to which he tells me I'm supposed to specifically book with him (it's my fault this happened apparently). I'm not sure why after having called to specifically book with him in the first place a patient would be expected to know they must mention they want to see the actual physiotherapist they came to see in the first place for following appointments. How can this be personalized if you're playing musical therapists? He apologized and I made sure I booked with him, ok fair enough, I will give this a second chance. Fast forward to my second appointment following that and I was left feeling very unsatisfied once again. I booked 30 minute appointments and I was lucky to have the physiotherapist spend 10 minutes with me before slapping the Dr. Ho style electrodes on me and taking off with another patient. The electrodes session ended and had turned off, no one was anywhere to be found so I had to get up and awkwardly peel them off of my upper back myself only to look at the clock and realize my appointment in total wasn't even 25 minutes. And more than half of that I spent lying there with the electrodes on me. I waited for him to come out of his office (with another patient) and he says you're free to go. I then asked him, do you book people every 10 minutes or something? To which he hesitantly responds, uhh every 15 or 20 maybe. I said this isn't very personalized treatment when you give someone a 30 minute appointment yet book 1-2 other people inside that same time allotment. He told me it wasn't him it was the people at the desk who do the booking (good deflection - not). This right here was the last straw for me as you obviously don't care about your patients at all to be able to do this. Especially when confronted, not even caring to rectify the situation or placing blame for it when you are the physiotherapist, it's not the people making appointments at the front. What if that patient needs more 1 on 1 that session? Or acupuncture? Nope, sorry, he's not going to do what you need .. he's going to do whatever he has time for before because the next client is already sitting there waiting. Unfortunate experience, I refuse to spend $1000 again before realizing I'm not being treated properly. I've learned from my mistakes. Make a checklist when you go into places like these and if they don't meet your criteria, move along.

Mar 28, 2019
Had a wrist injury for which they spent 7 sessions simply handing me off to a student who hooked me up to a TENS Machine and did a few exercises lasting 5 minutes with no progression from week one to seven. I saw an actual physiotherapist once at the outset and they had no plan how to strengthen my wrist.

Nov 14, 2018
Massage therapist is professional! Does a very good job!

Nov 22, 2018
Excellent Staff and tailored rehab programs.

Oct 16, 2017
A wonderful massage, I feel like a whole new woman! Cannot say enough good things about this clinic! Highly recommended 😊

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