Rancho Realty Services (Manitoba) Ltd

Rancho Realty Services (Manitoba) Ltd

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Dr David Friesen Dr, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3X 0G8, Canada
(204) 233-4200 www.ranchowinnipeg.com
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11 days ago
This is Moody Samuel, we have been trying to view avaliable units at the twin lake location. We took four appointments to view avaliable units. We were stood up in three of them, no one showed, no one is on site, no one is even returning our calls, and after 30mins have gone through the appointment they reply back. 1st time was like .... sorry we got an application for the unit but i didn't have your phone number to call and cancel the appointment, although i called many times and emailed back and forth we. You could have emailed me!! The second time Pat called back after 30 mins saying that amanda got sick so she couldn't come over. I know that emergencies happen and i really hope she is better now, and i arranged an appointment the following day with Pat to see an available unit, we ended the phone call by me saying see you tomorrow at 9, she said yes. But no one showed onnsite

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Jun 10, 2018
Not sure about their other location, but the one at Lake crest is pretty nice for the price. Fair size pool that is always clean. Resident manager is quick to respond whenever there's an issue. Garden is always maintained and lots of birds chirping in the morning, and great to walk or meditate in. Park is very near and neighborhood is so nice. Down side is, you don't get that much of the "city feel" unlike in high-rise apartment nearby. Also you need to be patient with their very old-school administrative style.

May 18, 2018
Paid last month's rent twice (once when I moved in). Realized a few months later but knew it would be a hassle so I let it go. Got a call from a collection agency saying I owed rancho $200+ for cleaning. Trying to have it solved and they're not interested. Just want their money when they own me $ 600. I asked them to prove I owe them through rent receipts and I would pay it on the spot. A 5 minute email they need to send and they're not interested. Phone calls not returned. Etc... Unbelievable.

Mar 15, 2018
WOW Worst company EVER!, We used to get our tax reciepts left under our door, now we have a new landlord and if you want your reciept you need to phone and ask for it. I have spent the last three weeks calling EVERY SINGLE DAY, anywhere from 6 to 25 phone calls a day asking for Page. Turns out Page has no idea how to do her job, she cannot answer a phone, return a phone call or check her voicemail. I have left messages with others in the company as well asking Page to get ahold of me and still my requests remain UNANSWERED!. I have a bit more than a week to get my taxes done and I can't because I'm waiting of these damn receipts. Seriously considering taking the afternoon off of work so that I can go down to this place and give her a piece of my mind!

Jun 7, 2018
Live in a Rancho building that had a fire on Christmas day, the tenants found out a few months later smoke detectors were never actually working! Rancho increased their rent but can't afford the upkeep of the actual units! DO NOT RENT FROM THEM! Been waiting months for repairs on unit.

Aug 24, 2017
I am a maintenance man in an upscale seniors complex and I too notice a big difference between our maintenance work and how Rancho handles their building maintenance. We get maintenance work done asap. I think if you are in business you are there to serve competently and make a profit. Looks like from the below complaints that Rancho is too arrogant to care. Condo boards should hire another company with a better attitude.

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