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Howard R. Blitstein

Howard R. Blitstein

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5.0 Google Review
20 Queen St W #3500, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3R3, Canada
(416) 361-7568
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Oct 27, 2017
Howard has a true understanding for the people and carries himself with so much class. He is very thorough and someone was always at the office to answer my questions. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case. Very knowledgeable team. A family member referred me to Howard after a bad experience with another lawyer who did not return my calls.

Nov 12, 2017
Howard, my wife and I want to thank you so much for sticking with us over the past 5 1/2 years during our medical malpractice lawsuit. Throughout our contact with you and your firm, you have always been fully professional, courteous and promptly responsive to any of our questions. Obviously we are very pleased that the case has been satisfactorily completed, with a significant settlement for my wife. But we also want to thank you and Ana Santos for making the journey as pleasant as possible, under the circumstances.

Mar 26, 2018
Howard was extremely genuine in his concern for my well being and provided exceptional service. Always available to answer questions. Highly recommended.

Oct 26, 2017
He's a geat lawyer with a great heart. Always willing to speak to me and my family after hours. I am so grateful a family member referred me to Howard. I was so at ease knowing I had him to handle my case. Thank you Howard.

Nov 6, 2017
Howard did fantastic job on my case. He works for the best personal injury law firm. He is lucky enough to have an incredible staff, such as Holly He. Howard's associate lawyer, Eman, is also a very good lawyer.


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