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Melissa Singer

Melissa Singer

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3.9 7 reviews
1117 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Bureau 522 Montréal QC H3B 1H9 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montréal, Québec, H3B 1H9, Canada
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3 months ago
Simply the best amongst all the lawyers i met

May 24, 2023

shame on you

Melissa has no professional ethics and she should be expelled do not say I am not a client

Mar 21, 2023
I am extremely satisfied with the representation and overall service that I received from Melissa Singers. She is indeed the best lawyer I could have ever asked for. She is quite diligent and competent. Thank you Mrs Singers and keep up the amazing work.

Nov 9, 2022
If you are looking for a good and professional immigration lawyer, you should definitely choose only Madame Melissa Singer. We found her by chance and were very lucky. She will answer all your questions at any time of the day and will not forget anything. If you need a lawyer, Melissa Singer is the most qualified person you can find. She is calm, intelligent and will find a way out of even the most difficult situation. We will 100% recommend only Melisa Singer as the best immigration lawyer. Thank you Melissa that with your help 2 good person receive positive desicion from juge and now have oportunity to build their life in such great coutry like Canada. You are really proffecional !

Dec 8, 2021

Melissa Singer is an incredible lawyer

Melissa Singer is an incredible lawyer. My case was very complicated, all the evidence was destroyed or lost. In the beginning, I found a few immigration lawyers, but no one was interested in our case. Then Melissa Singer took over my case,she worked long hours into the night when needed on my case. She explains things clearly, is easy to talk to, and makes sure to understand what your looking for. On the flip side, however, she is professional,intelligent, and determine. Thank you so much Melissa for all the great work you did. If you want to hire an excellent Immigration lawyer, I highly recommend her, she is the best Immigration lawyer in Montreal!

Dec 7, 2021

excellent lawyer

Melissa Singer-immigration lawyer in Montreal. The very best of the best lawyer to support your immigration process, patient, very communicative and fast respond your doubts or questions any time day/night. Hard worker until you get your winning the case. I was on good hands with her after been changed from 3 lawyers. She is so wonderful to her field of laws.

Apr 24, 2021

Dishonest, deceitful

Several years ago I performed a Hebrew/English translation service for Ms Singer. On completion of the task I invoiced her as advised by her for the agreed sum of $100.00. On information at hand Ms Singer claimed and received my cost from the government however, she pocketed my money and failed to fulfil her obligation to me. I have a full record of the translation work, and Ms Singer's satisfaction with the work and the invoice. I will be happy to discuss the details and provide a copy of the work and supporting documents upon request. It is recognized that for a long period of time I have been sitting idly and have not reported this case which I should have both as a good citizen and a fraud victim. However, I guess that until now I have been too nauseated to write the above text or similar whenever Ms Singer came to mind.

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4 months ago
Can't thank her enough! Always responsive, delightful, and ensures you get what you need. She goes the extra mile to ensure you are well-prepared and informed about your process. Let's not forget, she's also an approachable and lovely person. I'm fortunate to have her as my counsel. I highly recommend her for anyone with immigration needs.

6 months ago
We extend our heartfelt thanks to Melissa for her unwavering support, professionalism, and wealth of knowledge throughout our entire legal process. We feel honored and immensely grateful for her dedicated representation. To anyone considering immigration services, look no further – Melissa and her team will take excellent care of you.

6 months ago
I am delighted to share my positive review with Melissa Singer.She was way more than a lawyer to me, stood in as a mentor,a coach and an encourager on the gloomiest days. Melissa Singers dedication in handling my case was one for the books ; from the meticulous preparation to in-depth understanding of immigration processes and laws.She was always sure to communicate promptly and in clear terms. All of the aforementioned qualities led to a successful outcome. I highly recommend Melissa Singer for anyone seeking reliable and effective legal representation.

5 months ago
Lawyer Melissa Singer is very professional,intelligent,considerate,kind and passionate about her clients cases.I'm very impressed and pleased to know we still have good lawyers like her. I'm grateful for your support and advice,you're the best lawyer I've met so far.Thank you so much for your help i would highly recommend your service's to anyone in need of a good lawyer.

9 months ago
Melissa Singer is a dedicated, passionate and professional lawyer. She is patient and takes time to listen and understand her clients. She is empathetic. If given a chance I would recommend her a thousand times as she does her work exceptionally well and in a professional manner. To those who are looking for a good lawyer please don’t hesitate to contact her. You won’t regret it.


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