Camp Kodiak

Camp Kodiak

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4069 Pheasant Run, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 2C2, Canada
(905) 569-7595
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5 days ago

Best Camp ever

I miss this camp so much! Summers 2016-2019 were the best 4 summers of my life. The camp offers a variety of fun activities in a beautiful setting such as waterskiing, rock climbing, archery, etc. The camp’s Leader in Training (L.I.T) program is a great oppourtunity for high school students to complete their community service hours required for graduation. The counselors are professional and understanding and are mostly teachers in training. This camp is great at accomodating children and adolecents with and without ADHD, high functioning Autism and other learning disabilities. In conclusion, I give this camp a 10/10 one of the best camps around!

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Apr 29, 2015
This is a rather nice place in all honesty though it is extremely polarizing with some people hating it and others loving. Camp Kodiak has been compared to a dictatorship on par with North Korea but it is actually nothing like that though the staff are as a matter of fact quite strict. Considering the nature of the campers under their wing, the sternness is usually justifiable though it can be a little frustrating for even the most reasonable campers. The activities are usually very fun though there is not a whole lot of variety but luckily the order of these activities is shaken up every day so that before breakfast on day one you will play basketball but the next day you are doing drama. Speaking of which,the schedule is quite rigid so there is not a whole lot of freedom of choice which suits some like me just well and can be tormenting for others. The friendliness of the staff tends to depend o how well you behave while at camp, if you are polite and helpful they will be nice, maybe even lenient, but if you misbehave they will likely regard you as almost like a thug. The only real complaints are with the hygiene standards and the lack of flavor or variety with meals. Even the healthiest individual will likely be sent into quarantine at least once. You likely won't notice the bland taste of the food until you get home but you will notice that they often repeat dishes twice (more so for breakfast then dinner or lunch). Be warned that you will get up early in the morning and be expected to do chores,the chores are simple themselves but often become exhaustively annoying if you are tried in the morning and are having difficulty washing the sink. You may find that older campers are generally trusted more then younger campers and the counselors may be less strict on you as long as you are nice and take part in activities. Be warned that there is no email access here and they don't like the idea of campers taking on the hone with their parents because of the risk that they may become dreadfully homesick. Some helpful tips will save your feelings here and likely your reputation as well. Make friends with as many people outside your cabin as possible- especially if you are a girl as my ex-girlfriend can attest to. If you become popular they will be less likely to kick you out if you make a mistake, trust me, even the most well-behaved camper messes up every now and then. Also, the people in your cabin can sometimes be mean or at least apathetic- expect a potential rivalry with the neighboring cabin though usually it is more of a friendly competition. Don't fret too much if a camper treats you horribly, your best bet is to ignore them or move away quickly as the counselors generally don't intervene. Every Friday there is a dance in the Rec hall, don't feel sad if you can't find a date but if you do find a date, make sure you give them a good time or they might dump you. Do develop an interest in writing, reading, etc. because they don't allow electronics out side of the cabin. If you see any small children, please give them a wide berth as the parents who live on this property are a little protective of their kids, the babies are cute but please don't pat them on their heads or hold their hands unless it is necessary, they might get sick. Don't fret too much about them as they are very resilient and the parents are always close by to protect them.

Mar 6, 2016

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