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433 Simcoe St S, Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 4J5, Canada
PeopleReady specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labour for multiple industries and our skilled trades division focuses on providing highly skilled tradespeople. We support a wide variety of industries and have put approximately 221,000 people to work in 2020.


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Mar 19, 2019
Great atmosphere and staff.I have been with the agency for 9 months and have had steady work for the most part.Staff will put in the ex tra effort to make sure you can get to the job on time and ready to work SAFELY. Like the flexibility and variety of work.Also appreciate being able to cash out every few days instead of waiting to get paid every two weeks.

Feb 2, 2019
When I was laid off, these guys came to the table for me. They kept me working so I could pay my bills until I found a new job. Will recommend People Ready to anyone who is between jobs or wants extra work. Good people too. The other guys I worked with from People Ready were solid, not what I expected and I wish them all well.

Mar 5, 2019
Don't want to give jobs to honest people who want to show up and actually work. Their aptitude test is a joke. Oh well there's much better places i could work

Apr 21, 2019
Worst job temp in dirty shwa! All the employees are late, high on heroine, crack, mdma, meth, marijuana or so drunk they cant stand straight. This is a disappointing job temp the workers suck and nobody shows up for jobs and they are severely underpaid. I will make sure everyone I know is aware of this disaster and spread it around. Thanks for nothing and all the stress you cause.

Nov 26, 2016
Great company. Thanks for all the work when I needed it most!!! Down to earth friendly staff. They take care of their workers. If you work hard, you will get dispatched. Like any job, just be reliable and punctual, and you will get repeats again and again!

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