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4.4 Google Review
142 Columbia Blvd W, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1K 4J4, Canada
(403) 328-0028 (403) 320-0085
Park Pet Hospital is a state of the art, full-service veterinary hospital in Lethbridge, AB. We are proud to call West Lethbridge home and have been providing exceptional veterinary services to the area since 2003. Park Pet Hospital is Fear Free Certified! New patients are always welcome!
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Jan 16, 2018
I used to take both of my dogs to park. I didn’t realize how over priced some of there services were until I went somewhere else. If you call park be prepared to spend an extreme amount of time waiting on the phone. They send all the surgery’s that need to be done to family vet. To me that show the true colours of the knowledge and equipment that is accessible in the place. People were pretty nice and the doctor I saw was alright too. The education at park does not compare to other vets. I had about 3 issues with one of my dogs that they couldn’t clear up. I spent all sorts of money there and it seem to me that they were just throwing anythjng at me hoping that we may come across the solution with our taking into consideration they money spent or the pain my dog was in. When I took that same dog to another vet they suggested something and when I said that park never even brought this up they were floored. That other vet cleared up all my issues after the first appointment. I had been to park about 10 times trying to solve the issue before while my dog was in pain and it didn’t really seem to bother them or be a concern. they do have One vet that really cares about the animals I just don’t think the proper knowledge exists in the building in the front or most of the back. If they are going to over charge like that they should be doing a better job. If you have another choice I wouldn’t take your dog to them and I would find a proper vet with the appropriate knowledge to be able to take care of there clients without money being the number one concern.

Jan 27, 2018
The staff are always helpful and friendly. Willing to work within a budget. The vets truly care, and will handle your buddy kindly and efficiently.

Nov 7, 2017
They are all GREAT people that were very nice to my Cats. They provided me with an estimate, and when it came time to pay for the bill, the price matched the estimate exactly. Thank you very much. There were no hidden fees like some of the other clinics in town. DR. Patrick, you are literally a life saver. I will be back. Brian

Apr 2, 2018
They were very compassionate when we lost our Boomer Dog.

Apr 17, 2018
Both my dogs love the staff there.

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