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Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Veterinary Emergency Clinic

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4.1 Google Review
920 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3C7, Canada
(416) 920-2002
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Jun 22, 2018
The front staff (can’t recall her name) and Jackie are clearly one the most heartless and racist ‘professionals’ who I’ve met. My wife and two young sons were seated quietly in the waiting area to provide support for our brother in law. He came out upset and crying while she was following closely behind him....intentionally badgering him to get a reaction. From what I was told, she told him that his dog was going to die and that he had a sign a release. As he walked out, she leaned in to me, my wife and my two sons, pointed and said, “You! Get Out! You’re with him, so GET OUT!” We haven’t said who we were or why we were there. We were just sitting down and waiting to hear what was happening. We could have been clients. But she saw a black family in a room filled with others who were waiting and decided to kick us out without reason. We left. My wife tried to get an explanation and asked about the dog and was berated by the front desk reception who told her that it wasn’t her job and to be quiet. When we were outside, she came out with a form and insisted that he sign for a release. We asked about payment plans and she said that they were any and demanded that we be quiet because we’re not primary. I really and truly hope that this in on camera as it will play out exactly as I had described. Absolutely disgusted! As a fellow dog owner, I pray that no one would ever have to experience this and this woman should not be around people or animals! My kids were mortified!

Jun 11, 2018
I just brought one of my dogs here for an abscessed anal gland. When I called, I was warned that it would be a "very, very, very" long wait. I said they were my only option, and the receptionist said "we just have to say that..." anyway, I got there and we were in and out in 3 hours which is nothing compared to what I was expecting. Especially since this particular dog has a trauma history and is terrified of the vet. They were patient and very helpful. They did whatever they could to keep my dog and I comfortable. She was sedated, abscess drained and then woken up. We got our antibiotics and pain meds. All things considered, I think I received good value for cost.

Aug 5, 2018
Heartless oncologist. I had to pick my little dog up because she could not walk anymore and the vet held the door for 2 seconds then the door slammed back on us as she continued to keep walking. Cannot give a timely and correct diagnosis, and pushed, pushed, pushed the chemo. Our little dog passed away at that clinic, probably from chemo poisoning and we were not given the option of taking her home to pass away. Front desk leaves ALOT to be desired. There's no organization, you can stand there for as long as 30 minutes before they acknowledge you. And if you go there on an emerg basis, make sure the receptionist puts your dogs name in the computer, or you won't get called. That happened to us. After spending $25,000.00 at this clinic, we waited 3 hours, patients going in before us, then found out our dog's name was not on the list and had to go to another hospital. The oncologist and the front desk made this the worst experience of my life.

Jul 4, 2018
Take your pet somewhere else! I waited for 3 hours so my cat could be seen by a vet. The cat had worms and I just needed the medication. After seeing the vet, other hour past by so I can get the medication and the vet didn’t even want to instruct me or apply the medication right away - probably because I didn’t agree with the 700 bux quote he initially proposed for the additional exams and other things. Interesting enough it took longer to get my bill when I made clear I wouldn’t pay for more than the consultation and the medication. Also, place was filthy and I think I got a couple fleas back home. Seriously, try other place!

Jul 31, 2018
We had a excellent experience, we drove 4 hours to see the specialist, and Dr Mantivani was great, order some test and we were advised if her findings very promptly. The whole clinic seems to be run very smoothly, they were right on time for our appointment , no long wait times, great compassionate, and friendly service !

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