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Dr Patricia Fink Optometrist | Eye Exam & Glasses Clinic

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2080 Appleby Line, Burlington, Ontario, L7L 6M6, Canada
(905) 319-1066 www.drfink.ca
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3 months ago

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3 months ago
Professional office, professional staff. My child's vision finally taken seriously here. His comprehensive eye exam and results interpretation well worth the expense. Dr. Fink is very compassionate and kind but most importantly knows her stuff about vision and development. She was 100% correct in her assessment, and my child now sees so much better because of her interventions. Vision therapy has been life-changing for him.

5 months ago
I visited here a few times and never bought a pair of $300 glasses that lasted more than 6 months before needing repair. Last time I spent $400 hoping for better results and they only lasted 4 months. They over charge for the eye exam that OHIP only covers so much of and the opto girl won't tell you exactly what you need, you have to figure it out yourself by looking through a lense that isn't even in a frame. I go to Costco now (waited to see how long glasses lasted before writing this). They only charge what OHIP covers for eye exam and I got 2 pairs of glasses instead of 1 for the same price. Both pairs, one for reading other for driving, are still going strong after a year and a half and they told/sold me exactly what I needed.

8 months ago
I was seen within 10 minutes of my appointment time by a technician who performed internal and examinations of my eyes. I was then seen by Dr. Anjali Pathak #800892 who continued with the examination. All aspects of this office were presented in a professional, welcoming and timely manner. Questions and inquiries were handled without equivocation.Without reservation, I would recommend this office.

10 months ago
I would be wary of Dr. Fink. We were referred to her by our optometrist for my son and Dr. Fink did an assessment on him with regards to Vision Therapy. When we chose not to go with Vision Therapy (it cost $6000 with little scientific evidence of it working but don't worry they have options right on the front desk as to where you can borrow the money) we were sent a bill for $220 unexpectedly. I called and asked for an explanation as I was never advised there would be a cost. I assumed it was covered by OHIP. I left a message with accounting and never heard back. I was then sent another bill reminding me to pay. I called again and got no answers. The third time I was sent a bill I called and complained. I was then told not to worry and my bill would be erased. I have now been sent another bill.

7 months ago
Very happy with my experiance here, with Dr. Matthew Chavoustie and the helpful and friendly staff at Dr. Fink Optometrist, thank you.

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