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It's a long one, but it's from the heart. First things first…! I would like to thank God and all those who believed in me and my work! Secondly, thank you to all my past clients who have put us in the position we are in today. We are where we are in the industry because of you and I love you for it! 


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Mar 7, 2019
Working with Vince and his team for our wedding was amazing. He always brings such a positive vibe! We had a blast with TVE on our wedding day..our video exceeded our expectations! We absolutely loved it. Vince always wants to make his clients happy, he worked hard to make sure we were happy with every detail of our video. He filmed amazing shots that day and he did it all with a broken foot!! He's committed to his clients and we couldn't be happier :)

Apr 29, 2019
Vince and his team are professional and great at what they do! Very happy with our video! Simply the best!

Feb 25, 2019
My husband and I were BLOWN AWAY!!...first, by the same day edit...and then again by the footage of our entire wedding day. I was drawn to TVE Productions after watching some of their previous wedding clips and noticing that they paid particularly close attention to details during the ceremony. For me, personally, the mass was the most special part of our day. Vince and his team had so much respect for that and were incredibly accommodating of some of my own ideas too. BONUS: Vince made the videography experience SO personal and enjoyable for my braideamaids and I that morning. We all had a blast! Also, friends and family are STILL contacting me to tell me how perfect the same day edit was and have shown interest in TVE themselves. We couldn’t be happier!

Feb 24, 2019
TVE Productions Inc., where do I even start. Me and my husband knew we would be hiring them for our videography before we even got engaged! Vince, I have no words for you. I told you my idea of how I wanted the same day edit and you not only executed it, you took it to a whole other level. A month later we are still being asked to see the same day edit again and again because it was just THAT good. He pays attention to every single detail and to make it even better, him and the rest of the staff make the entire filming process so u believably comfortable and fun. I will recommend TVE over and over again, they were worth every penny and by far better than ANY other videography company. Sorry, it’s true. Love you guys!!

Oct 23, 2018
Thank you to TVE for helping to make our wedding absolutely perfect! We were lucky enough to have Vince to help us on our wedding day. From our very first interaction to the day of our wedding everything went so smoothly. Thank you for making the process an enjoyable and personal experience for us! We would highly recommend using TVE for your wedding, you won’t be disappointed! Alessandra & Anthony Pignatiello


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