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3.9 Google Review
84 Wingold Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M6B 1P5, Canada
(416) 780-0888 www.splashworkskb.ca
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Mar 11, 2016
I browsed through the past work at Splash Works Kitchen and Bath and I was very impressed. I hired them immediately to design my kitchen. What I appreciated was that they handled everything from sourcing material to the contractors. I was given a high quality design which I loved and then a beautiful kitchen was made. I’m so glad I gave them the job. They are wonderful at it. Thank you so very much.

Feb 29, 2016
If you want a beautiful renovation from nice people who are straightforward, have great design ideas and know this business inside out then this is the company you should hire. This is definitely not the cheapest company but you truly get what you pay for. They performed a substantial renovation at my house: completely gut and replace the kitchen and one bathroom. They had to move plumbing and gas lines to the opposite side of the house. They did it in exactly the amount of time they said. They did it according to the budget they provided us in advance. They protected our house very thoroughly and nothing was damaged. They did a bunch of things that were not agreed to in advance for free just to make us happy. The results are absolutely beautiful and perfectly functional. We LOVE our kitchen and bathroom. Cooking is a now a joy. Part of the value you get with a company like this is they have done it hundreds of times before so they know all the tricks. They know all the little features that you will want. They have the best people working for them. They can guide you to make the right choices and it all adds up to a very good product and renovation experience. Even though you will get lower quotes elsewhere I recommend this company because the end cost will actually match the quote, you won't have to deal with gross people trashing your house and driving you crazy and you will get a better kitchen/bathroom than you can even imagine.

Mar 7, 2016
Splash Works Kitchen and Bath designed our kitchen for us. We were impressed with the quality of designs they presented and also the materials chosen. We couldn’t get very involved and they ensured that everything was perfect. We highly recommend them.

Jun 24, 2015
I had been hoping to renovate my tiny powder room (3ft x 6ft) and received a flyer from Splashworks KB, which had been distributed to all the houses in my neighbourhood...i decided i should give them a call to find out what they would charge...the powder room has only a toilet and a vanity, but needs updating and a heated floor...during the first call, i was told it could be $10k...but if i added another bathroom, or any additional work, the price would reflect the fact that they were doing a bigger job, and it would be more reasonable...i was told they would come take a look at my house, but I had to wait over a week for the first visit, (since they were very busy) and when they arrived, they stayed for less than 10 minutes to take measurements etc...they said they would call with a quote, which they did, yet another week later...the quote over the phone was $11k for just the powder room, but they wanted me to come to their premises for a "meeting" to discuss what it would cost to also renovate the mud room and a floor in the front vestibule, which, again, had to be yet another week later (apparently these people are super busy)...so, i waited yet again, and finally the day arrived for our "meeting" at their offices...they seemed rushed, and i felt like i was taking up their valuable time (even though they are the ones who asked for the meeting)..they gave me the usual spiel and then the quote...$24,490 +HST !! yes, to renovate a 6' x 3' powder room, a 7' x 5 ' mud room, and the 4' x6' floor of the front vestibule!...i almost fell over...i said i would just do the powder room, and they said that they needed to do a recalculation and that they would send it to me...i did not want to wait, yet again, so i said, isn't it just the $11k you quoted on the phone?...they had me wait ten minutes while they recalculated, and guess what, the 3' x 6' powder room was now going to cost $13k plus HST....I will never use these people...if they are this bad BEFORE the job starts, imagine what they would be like if you actually hired them...

Mar 21, 2016
Splash Works Kitchen and Bath is to be credited for my beautiful kitchen. They outdid themselves and I can’t thank them enough. Highly recommend these guys!

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