Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc. – Consumer Proposal & Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc. – Consumer Proposal & Licensed Insolvency Trustee Claimed

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55 Town Centre Court #Suite 700, Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 4X4, Canada
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Aug 24, 2018
Benny and his team were extremely professional and patient in helping us find a permanent solution for the financial hole we got ourselves into. The process was so much easier than we expected. We can finally plan our life and break the vicious cycle of debt. There are many fraudster out there that will tell you they can help you eliminate your debt all they do is make you pay more. We trusted Hoyes, Michalos and associates ONLY and we are so glad they were our first choice.

Oct 30, 2018
Excellent team and amazing job, I feel more happy now after applying for consumer proposal, I was new comer to this country and fighting with disabilities so got problem with my credit, now the hoyes team helped me to manage affordable payments as much as I can without getting any calls from craditors I just want to say thank you again to their team

Sep 25, 2018
We found them compassionate, patient and helpful . They relieved our stress and gave us a path forward

Apr 25, 2018
If you need help with getting out of debt and getting back on track this is the place to go Benny has been so helpful and knowledgeable. Everything was explained clearly and I am on be road to becoming debt free. Best thing I’ve done. Also it cost me nothing to get this help!

May 25, 2018
Definitely the right people to go to for debt help. Very thorough and knowledgeable about what they do. Made the process easy for me to understand and easy to get everything in order!

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