4 months ago
I made an APPOINTMENT with the office from a referral another office. Told to bring $350.00 to cover cost of APPOINTMENT & pay for testing. At APPOINTMENT Don immediately told he wasn’t the right guy.I needed an APPOINTMENT??? to see Tori. Thought I had one ? Charged me $100.00 to be told I had an appointment with the wrong guy. But I HAD requested right guy. Day of APPOINTMENT THEY cancelled. I requested a refund since it was their mistake. Donna told me that DIRECTLY from the doctor they were NOT going to give me a refund because “ I took up the DOCTOR’s time” and it was a consultation. Then hung up on me. THEY scheduled me with the wrong guy. My time is important too. I am disabled and it took time and effort to get ready and be transported to your office. Take accountability for YOUR MISTAKE. $100.00 pocket change to you but its a weeks groceries for someone on disability. It is said you can tell a man’s character by how he acts it private. Dr Dan and this office sure did.