Sep 13, 2018


Bad experience. Had to pay 50% deposit to secure the job, with no materials. Never, EVER, that is 50% that you have to fight to get back when they default on the contract. Showed up three weeks late, not with the two man crew I was being charged for, but with one he'd hired off the street a few days prior with absolutely no experience and no Visa to  work in Canada. Kelli then left,  leaving the inexperienced one to do the job. The hired guy lasted an hour and a half then he too left as he (quote) "had a headache". This was someone I was being charged $65 per hour. It went for another 5 weeks of no communications,  ignored messages,  being stood up for arranged meetings,  and repeated ignoring my requests  to have my deposit returned. Two months after hiring him,  the project looked exactly as the day I called them. I thought I had paid to have my deck refinished, I had actually paid for 2 months of grief and anger.    With all the business's to choose from, why are you contemplating calling this one? Listen to your intuition