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Earthwise Painting And Contracting - Home Renovations & Painting Company Sooke, Victoria BC

Earthwise Painting And Contracting - Home Renovations & Painting Company Sooke, Victoria BC

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1.0 3 reviews
7038 Grant Rd W, Sooke, British Columbia, V9Z 0P1, Canada
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Apr 26, 2019

Con artist big time !

Do not succumb to doing any business with this company . He has mastered the skill of taking your money and disappearing. Grabs the cash for a deposit and spends it on himself. Doesn't pay his contractors if in fact he even starts a job

Jan 20, 2019

The worst contractor

Absolutely the worst . He is unreliable , untrustworthy and does not have the skills to do the renos that he claims he can . We have had to hire other companies to come in and replace and fix work he did here . He doesn't stand behind his work even though we have a contract . He devalued our home until we had his work redone. He lies to your face and takes your money . We do not recommend him and are taking legal action against him .

Sep 13, 2018


Bad experience. Had to pay 50% deposit to secure the job, with no materials. Never, EVER, that is 50% that you have to fight to get back when they default on the contract. Showed up three weeks late, not with the two man crew I was being charged for, but with one he'd hired off the street a few days prior with absolutely no experience and no Visa to  work in Canada. Kelli then left,  leaving the inexperienced one to do the job. The hired guy lasted an hour and a half then he too left as he (quote) "had a headache". This was someone I was being charged $65 per hour. It went for another 5 weeks of no communications,  ignored messages,  being stood up for arranged meetings,  and repeated ignoring my requests  to have my deposit returned. Two months after hiring him,  the project looked exactly as the day I called them. I thought I had paid to have my deck refinished, I had actually paid for 2 months of grief and anger.    With all the business's to choose from, why are you contemplating calling this one? Listen to your intuition

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Jul 11, 2019
I am posting this review to give a heads up so you may not end up in the same position I and many others have been. Be careful of glowing reviews on a business's website as they have the control over cherry picking what words represent their business track record. I trusted the website, but anyone can make a website..... and anyone can post words (supposedly) from others as reviews. This company is not established, has not the experience to back up the claims made on their website nor a reputation locally other than being a sham. I just wish I had known then what I know now. Despite having used this company once prior to this job, I am disgusted with this company. An established company with integrity as a rule asks for at most, 10%, in order to secure the job and cover the cost of materials needed to begin work. I was asked to pay a 50% deposit ($1000) up front even though there were only about $80 in materials needed to complete the job, meaning I was paying ahead for services not yet rendered. I learnt, don't ever pay for work you have not received yet. He showed up three weeks later (and only because I was calling him and reminding him of our agreement) with one person with no experience (from another country, with no Canadian work Visa in place) that he had hired a few days prior,  not the two person crew I had agreed on. It is assumed that when you hire a contractor that you are paying your fee for experience, if not then that inexperienced person will at least will be monitored and supervised. Not so. The contractor gave him a brief verbal tutorial then left,  leaving the inexperienced one to do the job. The hired help only lasted about an hour and a half, then he too left as he (quote) "had a headache". This was someone I had been expected to pay $65 per hour.  It went on to be another 5 weeks of no communications,  ignored messages,  repeatedly being stood up for arranged meetings,  and repeated requests from me to have my deposit returned, which were also equally ignored. My deck looks exactly the same today as the day that I hired this company, anger, frustration and disappointment were what my money bought me. Another thing that I got for my time in dealing with Earthwise Painting and Contracting is that I now have a deep mistrust for ANY company I have to hire in the future. This is not fair to those companies who do operate under integrity and reliability, but nevertheless.... it is now inside me. Thank you Earthwise... Update: To date, April 2019, I have been contacted by 4 people, all who had read this review and wanted to know how I had gotten my money back from this company as they were in the same situation. This is only the ones who have come forward..... don't add your name to this list.

Mar 24, 2019
Kelli does not pay his vendors for invoices owing and evades phone calls to get them cleared up. I would think twice about hiring this company. There are many more reputable, trustworthy and ethical contractors out there for hire.

Dec 11, 2018
This company does not pay their bills. Kelli, the owner, seems like the nicest guy in the world until it is time to get paid. We worked as a subcontracted plumbing company for him as the general contractor. He was paid in full and then neglected pay every other company working on the job. He has lied numerous times and has evaded payment at every opportunity. We are now forced to take him to court for money we are rightfully owed. Do not ever work with this company. It will be the biggest mistake of your life or at the very least, a hard lesson learned.

Nov 6, 2018
This is the most untrustworthy company you could possibly hire. Kelli has absolutely no idea what he is doing. For a guy that only has a few years experience in painting (and no knowledge in other trades) I am extremely surprised that he thinks he can run a company as such. He talkes a big game, but when it comes down to it, his inability to pay his bills (he doesn't pay his employees), and his lack of knowledge in anything I'm surprised he hasn't been ran out of town yet. There's better people out there to do your work, don't pick this one.

May 28, 2018
I got in touch with 3 companies for quotes to paint my pillars and window sills. Earthwise was not only well priced, but the interaction from quote to finishing the job was easy breezy! The House looks fantastic again and I will be calling back in a few years when it’s needed again! Thank you Earthwise!!

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