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Caution: why all eyelash extension services are not equal

The photos show three different clients. All three came to Lash Salon to get their lashes repaired and saved. It is very important to pay attention where you go and who is doing eyelash applications.
In photo number one, you can see a horrible application where the lashes and the lash extensions are clumped together and how they were originally glued to the skin as well.
In the second photo, the technician used extensions that were much too long to match the client’s natural hair and as a result glued them onto the skin in order for them to stay on. The white little particles you see are dead skin and environmental dust.
It is sitting on the lash line and can’t come off as they are glued onto the skin and too close together.
In photo number three it shows very nice built up fans of hair but nevertheless, again, Even though the extensions are the thinest possible (0.0), too many are used to make the fan and they become too heavy and the technician had to glue them to the skin to make them hold.
Now the hair has to pull away from the skin to grow out which can result in permanent damage to the natural lash. Now the pores are plugged up preventing the skin and hair from breathing which can cause infections and the premature falling out of the natural hair.