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Master Enrique Franceschi

From New York to Puerto Rico to Orlando FL Master Franceschi has 48 yrs of training in the martial arts, starting in 1972 in Kenpo karate, 1975 Korean karate with GM Danny Ortiz. ITF Taekwondo with GM Orlando Vega, Ponce Puerto Rico. 1980 receives his 1st Dan black belt under TKD pioneer GM Young IL Kong. Member of the ITF TKD national team of Puerto Rico 1980-84.Competes in the ITF world championship winning Silver in fighting & bronze in forms, was MVP. 4-0 Record in Kickboxing 1982-84.
Joins the U.S. Navy in 1985, lives in Orlando, FL until stationed in Guam USA, was appointed coach of the Guam Olympic TKD team in 1987. From 1988-90 represents the Navy in national tournaments. 1992 he opens OSC martial arts Jacksonville, FL. 1993 obtains 4th Dan black belt. 1994 obtains a 1st Dan in Hapkido from WOMAF under GM Garrison, Begins training in Muay Thai under coach Bob Robare 1998. Obtains a 5th Dan under Master Pete Thibado 2002. Competes in AAU TKD 2000-05 winning many medals in forms and sparring.2004 opens OSC martial arts & fitness in Orlando, FL. Competes in the IKF worlds Senior kickboxing div, 2008-09.Obtains 6th Dan black belt 2011 under GM Ruben Suarez. Obtains 7th Dan under the ITF technical commttee 2018. At present time Master Franceschi is the striking coach of Jungle MMA in Orlando, FL.