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Pop-A-Lock Essential Services Update

So, we are having a little bit of fun this week, taking a page out of JT's daily public addresses in Ottawa. Thank you Hunter for your video production skills. At some point in the update, you will hear my two dogs barking in the background. Classic. Folks, as the crisis continues in the world and in our local areas, anxiety mounts and we are updating property managers, business owners, building owners, facility managers, retail businesses, hospitals and service providers, that we are here to support the front lines. This week, we are talking about 2 issues and opportunities in the areas of essential services;
1. Mailbox vandalism and theft. Monitor daily.
2. Exterior door reinforcements. We are a partner with Frontline Defense, a Canadian company from Edmonton. They provide interlockers, a great product to protect properties and tenants. If you are interested in a security audit to learn more about what you should be doing, give us a call at a Pop-A-Lock location near you. Share with friends, colleagues, family.

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