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Automotive & Commercial Locksmith Adds Cutting-Edge Technology to Expand Services

A Locksmith Shop that sent a specific message to consumers: one of reconquest and domination of the automotive market.
With the acquisition of new cutting-edge technology, Automotive & Commercial Locksmith Inc. have invested greater efforts to expand their reach and in consequence better the service that is offered to customers in need of a much-specialized technician in the automobile field.
The Store capabilities now have been extended not just to the cutting and programming of keys but to the initialization or synchronization of new and used car modules like Gearbox or Electronic Transmission Control Unit (EGS), Digital Motor Electronics (DME) or Electronic Control Module (ECU), Footwell module (FRM) and Instrument Clusters among others, either thru the OBD2 port or with the modules on the workbench.
This decision came about due to many requests from independent workshops, mechanic shops and individuals in need of support with key programming and electronic module replacement for cars, bikes, water scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs, trucks and heavy equipment. When having the car present is not an option the modules can be shipped for cloning or Eeprom work.
The service is not restricted to just one car manufacturer; this time, routine maintenance or repair work on almost all of motorized vehicles – cars, motorbikes, trucks-can be performed. Now offering practical solutions simplifying the work process related to personalization and activation, odometer calibration, key learning, module adaptation, ECU programming, Airbag clear crash data and renew, coding and flashing.
A. Coding – also known as Teach-in Program, or Component Adaptation, is used to reprogram adaptive data for vehicle control modules after repairs or replacements of vehicle parts.
B. Reprogramming – downloads the latest version of software from the online server database through Internet access (this procedure is done automatically when the tablet is connected to the Internet, so there is no need to check for software updates), and reprograms the newest version into the vehicle’s ECU.
Key programming, Immobilizer data reading/changing/bypassing, Update configure data ecu/dashboard: these services available only through the manufacturers in the past is now a myth.
Although this new equipment has the ability to work with the factory software, sometimes even the factory tools have restrictions and this is where the "Achieve the impossible" motto steps in. Managing an automotive locksmith shop for more than 20 years in a very challenging industry resulted in the company's clear steering to the future direction; these changes will consolidate a leading position with the commitment to consumers that safety will never be compromised.
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