Airdrie Springs Dental

Airdrie Springs Dental

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2700 Main St S, Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 3G7, Canada
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Mar 7, 2018
From the moment I walked into Airdrie Springs Dental, I felt at ease and educated about everything that was going to happen, Dr. Kelly was AMAZING. Today we did three fillings and Dr. Kelly worked meticulously to get the job done right while making sure I was comfortable and didn’t have any discomfort or questions! I then had my cleaning done with Rommel who was not only so personable and funny but he was gentle and did a really great job keeping me informed and making my teeth feel like a million bucks! They offer direct billing and the ladies at the front are great for answering any questions! Can’t wait for my next experience with this clinic!

Feb 24, 2018
I went in for a cleaning and recall exam. All the staff are so friendly. The hygienist did a great job with the cleaning. There was a sharp edge to a back tooth that cuts into my tongue every now and then. They buffed it down right then. I didn't have to come back for that. Great service. Definitely recommend this place.

Mar 7, 2018
The staff is what makes this place special! I was in for my dental cleaning with Rommel. He is friendly, kind, easy to talk to, thorough and incredibly helpful. He makes it not so nerve-wracking. Then there is Dr. Ng, who is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. I like how they explain things and are so patient and helpful when I ask them so many questions. Airdrie Springs Dental has definitely changed my mind about going to the dentist.

Mar 19, 2018
Dr. Kelly was fantastic for me and for my 9-year old son. Both of our appointments involved dental work that I thought would be painful and difficult, but both went quickly and smoothly. The experience can best be described by my son's reaction to it. The morning after my son's appointment, he told the other children at the school bus stop that he had been to the dentist. The kids commiserated with him that going to the dentist is awful and they felt sorry for him, but my son said, "oh no! My dentist is wonderful! It wasn't bad at all."

Feb 13, 2018
My hygienist was thorough... Told me I should have my thyroid checked since it seemed enlarged - blood work led to an ultrasound, leading to a biopsy leading to a cancer diagnosis - which, because it was caught early lead to only half of my thyroid removed and it had not spread. I take my kids (6&4) there too and the staff is very friendly and good with them. My daughter has the same hygienist as me and was able to take bite wings on her at age 5 which lead to a couple fillings and I was able to ask that we try to stop the shallow ones from progressing - so those were left as watches and we were more diligent with flossing and using flouridated toothpaste and they didn't need to be done at the next checkup.

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