the [clinic] Chiropractic Health Centre

the [clinic] Chiropractic Health Centre

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4.7 Google Review
401 Bay St #1210, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2Y4, Canada
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12 months ago
I went to see Jane for a massage and she was amazing, no complaints there. When I was leaving to pay, it was quite busy at the front and there was only one receptionist to assist everyone. The receptionist was very nice and apologized for the wait. I had no problem waiting and told her to take her time. The owner of the clinic came out and began yelling at the receptionist in front of everyone, making her even more stressed out and flustered. It was EXTREMELY unprofessional, rude and spoke volumes of how the owner treats her employees. Owners must remember that their employees are the ones that help them run their business successfully and to treat them with respect. Fair to say that I won't be coming back here again.

May 2, 2019
My experience at the clinic has been very positive! It’s a quiet, calm, pleasant environment. When I walk in the door I’m always welcomed with a friendly greeting. The receptionists seem happy to be there and go out of their way to offer me snacks and refreshments while I wait for my appointment. The chiropractor, Dr. Djeddi, is very friendly and I feel like she genuinely cares about my pain and helping me to fix it. The prices are competitive but reasonable and I’ve been happy to pay for such good service. If you’re in the downtown core and need a treatment I highly recommend the clinic!

13 months ago
First Impressions: bright with lots of natural light. Modern look with accents to match. The mood is very light and the welcome mat has been rolled out each and every time. Treatment First Impressions: Highly impressed. Period. Focused and up to the task of making sure I walked away in a better state than when I arrived. And I did. First time doing acupuncture and made sure I was ok each step of the way. I will return for more treatments Thanks in advance!!

May 3, 2019
I have had nothing but good experiences at the[clinic]. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. The staff is always happy to help and go above and beyond expectations. Dr. Djeddi is excellent and gives high quality treatments. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is in pain and looking to get better. You won't regret going here.

May 30, 2019
Love the chiropractor and massage services of this clinic! The people are nice and they really take time to listen to you, and provide good advice depending on your needs. The clinic has a nice ambiance too.

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