CIBC Branch & ATM

CIBC Branch & ATM

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205 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1Z5, Canada
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Mar 13, 2019
Sorely disappointed with the service here. Got help from someone called Preeti Salaria and it took her 2(!!!!) Hours to open a simple account. Sorely lacked basic computer skills and had a very condescending demeanor. Got asked a question if I knew what a term meant and I answered with simple words and got laughed at but then she proceeded into telling me the same thing I said but with professional language. I work double jobs and everyday and didnt have a chance to go and get my credit card and got an email saying and I quote " CIBC banking centre will be open till 7pm on every Thursday and that would be quite convenient for our client to work around their schedule" and in the voice message left saying similar thing and I feel like what's convenient for a normal working person is not convenient for everyone. I'm on my way to get my credit card that I didnt even want now and I would never recommend CIBC to anyone I know and hope that this person learns how to be polite towards new clients so it doesnt leave a bad aftertaste.

Sep 28, 2018
They close the atm with the branch. What a bunch of idiots. Technology is there to serve at all hours

Aug 4, 2018
I don’t understand why this branch closes the ATM machines after business hours??? Horrible !! In the middle of downtown too.... 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Aug 11, 2017
The guys who work here are so nice! Really great energy. Super helpful and clear.

Sep 16, 2016
This is the worst banking experience I've ever had. Although I'm not a client with CIBC anymore. I went to the branch today and waited 15 minutes until someone could deal with me. I told him I've graduated and swiched my banking to another bank, so I need to close my account. Then he spent 5 minutes "blaming" me for not doing my research becasue he thought they could offer me a better banking option. I didn't explain that I have already done my research and feel CIBC's account doesn't meet my needs, simply I just want to close my account and leave. I just said because I need unlimited cheques and CIBC doesn't provide free cheques. He said "oh we could waive that. That's why you should call us first." So this is his logic " First, spend your time do your own research, and don't trust your results, then always consult your advisors at CIBC." This is how you lose my business - your competitor put it in writing $5,000 daily balance in the account - free chequebooks. They put everything simple! There are also other features that competitor will provide to me they put in writing, but CIBC doesn't, so I made my decision. HERE COMES THE WORST PART OF MY DAY Then this staff told me I have a balance on the account, and since they don''t have a teller, so I need to go to another branch or spend $7.50 for a money order. I asked him why they couldn't give me the money and close the account, and he said " you see here we don't have tellers". No, that's not what I saw when I walked in this large branch. I also did my research before coming to this branch, since the service listed for this branch is exactly the same as the one on King and University, because it's closer to my home so I came to this one. I saw someone standing on the other side of the counter, and talking to another customer so I waited for 15 minutes. So I thought this staff would help me. In fact, I went to TD today (yes, this is the bank I switched all my accounts to), at the front desk, a staff helped me close another account I'm not using so I saved my time waiting in line. She is definetly not a teller either. Anyways, the CIBC guy offered me only 2 choices 1. get out now. 2. give me $7.50 to close your account. Why couldn't he give me another option like use the ABM to withdraw the amount and the fee is on us? The answer is simple, I will no longer be a customer to CIBC, and he doesn't think I will come back to bank with CIBC again. The last question I asked is “why don't you put a sign here saying we don't have a teller here to help you to do complicated transactions?" He just smiled and said "No we don't." Then I walked out of the door, smiling back to him, without hearing any apology or goodbye. I ended up going to the King&University branch to close my account. Thanks to this guy, it proved my decision is right! I'll never come back to CIBC.

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