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Jul 5, 2019
I've had business accounts at a few banks so far and I've been really impressed with Scotia and this branch in particular. Bren Genga has got to be the best small business advisor I've ever worked with. Every bank assigns you an "advisor" but honestly I've never known who they are as I've never had any kind of relationship with them beyond just signing the paperwork to open the account. I was really surprised at the level of help and service Bren has offered us.

Jun 24, 2019
I visit this bank January 2019 . This bank is where my late mother's estate money is being held hostage. The staff confirm funds leaving the account. But I am a beneficiary and today is Wednesday May 29, 2019 and I have not received a penny from the estate. Everyone let me tell where the law office of Mark Ross lawyers conspired with the Cardinal Funeral Home directors and staged a false claim against my late mother and I. Cardinal Funeral directors James Cardinal, Aaron Battle and Mike Stangi were involved in victimizing me when my mother passed away. Aaron Battle claimed my late mother had not prepaid and wanted me to sign a contract of payment for $12,000.00. But I am witness my mother had prepaid for her funeral service almost 7 years before she died and did not owe any money. When Battle knew I witnessed my mother prepay June 2010 he and the others participated in the scam to rob my late mother. Battle withheld the funeral contracts from my lawyer and I. Battle and Andrew Cardinal refused to show me the contract they claimed I needed to sign off before they could work on her. I was told my mother was looking very ugly and found out weeks later they were holding her hostage at the other funeral home on Annette. Aaron Battle knew I had a lawyer but did not tell the trial judge. Battle did not tell in his sworn documents Belinda had told him not to tell me about the change she made to my mother burial plans. My mother had my arrangements to be buried with me at York June 2010 but Battle did not tell the trial judge. Belinda had planned for me to find out my mother would not be buried with me on the day of her burial. I was the single daughter and my mother was a widow since 1964 and my late father was buried in Portugal. Belinda tells the court she has a husband therefore she should have made arrangements to be buried with him. Nelson Bonaventura at Mt. Pleasant on February 10, 2017repeatedly told me "It is not your business and you have no right to know where your mother is going to be buried." I did not get the opportunity to be present at the legal proceeding on Friday February 17, 2017 because I and my lawyer were never told about this legal proceeding at the court with Victoria Chiappietta the now probate court judge. This judge should have known no one can respond to a legal proceeding without being served documents of notice. It was 36 hours after this hearing a motion record was delivered to my milk box on Saturday February 18, 2017. Aaron Battle did not tell the judge my late mother's body had been embalmed immediately after arriving at the funeral home and this fact is confirmed by the coroner's office who went to retrieve the body from the funeral home. There was a massive bruise wrapped around my 83 year old mother's right wrist when I visited her at the funeral home. Who put this massive bruise on my mother's wrist? About 2 months before my mother died I called the police for help. The police refused to help my mother and she died. My mother weighed only 81 pounds when she died and this is what was in the body of my mother Morphine, Acetaminophen, Codeine, Hydromorphone and Hydrocodone. My dead mother was robbed of $9,000.00 immediately after she died by the very person my mother told Dr. Mazzotta had robbed her of $36,000 about 1 year after her diagnosis of cancer. This person got the legal documents changed 3 months before she died. I am a witness 4 of my mother's lawyers destroyed her wills because I had been appointed for her care and finances. The lawyers like to cause conflict. My mother's money is financially rewarding the lawyers and judges who targeted and conspired to rob us. Mark Ross law office is just around the corner from this bank. The bank staff tell me to call the police and I did. The police hang up the phone on me and refused to investigate. The judgement was hand delivered by the lawyer to the probate court judge Pattillo by the Mark Ross lawyer before the trial.This was a staged trial robbing me of over $10,000.00. Pattillo spent 45 minutes writing I was reprehensible.

Jan 8, 2019
Do not open a business account at this branch. I have had serious issues with what would seem to be simple account changes and would recommend steering clear of Bren Genga. Solutions are not quick or easy nor does he opt to help you as a client rather only presents road blocks without solutions turning simple processes into time consuming problems. One would think a business advisor or business account representative is there to find the quickest way to help and want to meet clients wishes or needs yet this is clearly not their forte. You will leave feeling confused and wondering why your ever opened an account with this bank. I have since closed all accounts.

Nov 28, 2018
I was in yesterday to get some banking done for a new account and was served by Audrey and actually walked out of the place and called my husband exclaiming about the most amazing customer service I received! I have been a Scotia customer since day 1 and can honestly say this was by far the best experience and service I've ever had at a bank location, maybe even in my history of customer service I've received in general! Thank you Audrey for not only being so thorough in your work but for also being so kind. You are truly appreciated.

May 21, 2019
Worst customer service ever, a bunch of lazy!

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