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Horlick Levitt Di Lella LLP

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100 Sheppard Ave E ##870, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6N5, Canada
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5 months ago
I'll never forgive myself for not looking these reviews. The crooks Doug Levitt and Timm Duggan picked up my first call right away. I was recommended by their other crook friend (a paralegal named George Brown, all claiming to be 'animal fighters" like in Condo issues"), but after they received my $ 6000 retain, my calls were never, ever, picked from that office again (never mind voice mails). Two scheduled motions at SCJ were both canceled without informing or asking my opinion or consent (like this was their matter), moreover, they lied that they rescheduled again! Your sufferings with these lawyers will never end, not even by filing a complaint with Law Society, "WE CANNOT FIND THEM IN MISCONDUCT"..they wrote!.. May god take care of them. Unfortunately, those who write good for them, are Condo Board of Directors, and you know why! Thought I owe to help someone not to go through what I did..Thx for reading. (oh, you're forced to give them a star)!..

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Jun 3, 2019
Reviews speak for themselves! My advice to anyone considering this firm is to stay away at all costs. They are a big SCAM I dealt with Julia Lurye as my lawyer. I signed a retainer agreement that essentially stated she would bill per hour ($275/hr). Fair! What she was supposed to do is draft a letter, have me approve it, and then send it over to the opposing party. Unsurprisingly, we had some phone calls along the way including her request to find a contractor to get a professional opinion in writing and some other discussions, all of which were necessary to ensure a well drafted and evidence-backed letter. She sent the email over and while reading it, I noticed some typos and brought to her attention to be fixed. Long story short, her approach failed and I lost trust/faith in her ability to reach a resolution. I asked for invoice and was shocked to see a total balance of $2335.05 for drafting a single letter. What? How is that possible? I find out she charged me for everything, even for typos that she made and had to correct. I asked them to adjust the price to reflect the service and outcome, bu they reused and went ahead and even charged me for the time they took to respond to my inquiry. Unbelievable .... I am super mad at myself that I did not do a simple google search on them before committing. I absolutely do not recommend them! Stay Away and save your money...

Jun 15, 2019
I would give it ZERO if I could!!! Just a bunch of unprofessional crooks. One of my family members recently dealt with these so called "Condo Experts". Don't fall into same trap that he did. He believed them. They took his money and failed miserably. Big scam -- Stay Away!!!

Feb 15, 2019
Rachel - I want to thank you very much for the excellent work you did as our paralegal representative, for your professional guidance and giving back the confidence that we lost with our previous experience. Doug - Thank you for your guidance as well and the great team of professionals you've built. Best Regards

Feb 12, 2019
Thank you for an excellent representation – your performance was terrific and a real eye opener relative to our previous experience. Doug was correct in steering us in your direction. Again congrats on OUR achievement, Regards

May 8, 2019
Quite scummish if you want my professional advise.

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