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As personal injury lawyers in Toronto, our team of lawyers spend time reviewing your case to see what benefits will provide you with much-needed assistance on the road to recovery.
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7 days ago
I made an excellent selection in choosing them to handle my case.
During my initial conversation with Nicole and Savannah, I was not only intrigued by their resourcefulness and knowledge but impressed by their understanding of my situation and their natural professionalism. Comfort is an important aspect of customer service, as well as confidence, and I experienced both. I made an excellent selection in choosing them to handle my case. The service provided by Sokoloff has been reliable and there is always someone available to assist with any questions or other concerns you may have. This is an important aspect when dealing with legal issues, particularly when you're not sure about the next steps, or if you need clarification. What stood out about the service is that I haven't had to wonder what the next steps were, and their representatives have been extremely transparent with me. What I like the most is their focused business acumen. They have been consistent and have provided impeccable service. I would like to thank everyone who worked on my file for your commitment to helping me through this process. Your knowledge and expertise has proven to be excellent, through your work. To Savannah and Nicole in particular, you have an amazing team! You are both fabulous at what you do, and your passion to help others shows! Tasha Brown

17 days ago
Very Professional!
Sokoloff Lawyers is a very professional firm and I only have good things to say about it. They were very responsive in terms of getting back to me. They were very kind and courteous. Thank you to Ashley and Mirsada for also being supportive throughout the process! I rate Sokoloff 5 stars!! Signed: John

23 days ago
We would recommend Ashley and the Sokoloff team in a heart beat.
When presented with a major life health and insurance award crisis we had reached out to a trusted legal adviser for help. Specifically, we asked this lawyer for the best lawyer in the industry to fight for our case and what we believed was a full breach of a duty of care and due diligence to assess the substantive medical evidence to warrant a full and speedy approval for long term disability benefits. This lawyer quickly and unequivocally recommended Ashley Frydrych. Just before reaching out to Ashley Frydrych at Sokoloff Lawyers we had a Long Term Disability claim application denied by one of Canada's biggest insurance companies. We had a major life threatening medical condition with a very poor life prognosis, yet the insurance company denied the long term disability claim. We felt that the insurance did not do a fair job, didn't treat us with respect, and only looked at the situation with a lens to protecting its bottom line. As well educated and informed people, we did all the due dilegence, ourselves and with the medical team, to support an easy and timely insurance company decision. Despite following the insurance company's rule book and requirements, the insurance company's claim manager did not do their due diligence. We knew it, and we suspected they knew it too. Our hard lesson learned was finding out that traditionally these insurance companies deny claims to safeguard against perceptions of fraud or to protect their shareholders' bottom line. We did not want to be a victim of this nor suffer the substantial financial devastation because of it. We did not want to be a victim again. We knew it was wrong, and we knew that we did our due diligence. We also had paid premiums for LTD in good faith through the employer in the event that a serious need for LTD was justified. So, we contacted Ashley. That was the best decision we made in a very long time. Not only was Ashley extremely professional and empathetic, she invested the appropriate amount of time to our situation and case. She was very honest and forthright and gave us a perspective on what was necessary to have this insurance company's decision overturned. Her experience, passion and professionalism to advocate for the victim was evident. She moved with speed and with smarts to call out the insurance company, its poor duty of care, and threatened on our behalf to take legal action for failure to overturn a bad decision. Within days, the insurance company backed down and approved the claim. Not only were we impressed, we were elated. We can now breath with ease and move forward with life, despite the challenges and life prognosis. We would recommend Ashley and the Sokoloff team in a heart beat. They, together, are one heck of a team. We are blessed and thankful.

23 days ago
Sokoloff Lawyers

2 months ago
Sokoloff really had our best interest at heart.
A friend of ours referred us to Sherry Liu. Sherry immediately talked to me over the phone, got information. Wendy and Sherry came out to meet us at the hospital. We felt that Sokoloff really had our best interest at heart. They always shared their experience and explained things over and over - as, let's face it, we did not have any idea of what a MLA personal injury case would be like. Doug was forth coming - was practical and never sugar coated anything - which we appreciated. Sherry always kept us in the loop in a timely manner and clarified things with us. Signed: Julia W

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Reload 4.6

Oct 24, 2018
We were very blessed to have Wendy and her team dealing with our complex case. She was so professional, patient and empathetic during the whole time we worked with her. It is amazing how approachable and reachable she is. She put the maximum effort and got the settlement that we deserved. I would definitely recommend her and her team as she can make sure to go above and beyond to win your case. Thank- you Wendy for being you!

Feb 25, 2019
Thank you Wendy Sokoloff and Karen Currie for your hard work helping my husband settle his accident benefits claim. Very professional and thorough team, they have the clients best interest at heart.

Aug 10, 2018
EXCELLENT SERVICE!! AMAZING PERSON🇨🇦 This Employee (Ketty) is really the definition of a gentlewoman as well as professional. This is the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was a totally professional in every way. Best of the best. Many thanks.😍

Feb 1, 2019
100% best law firm in ontario my bf has been dealing with them and has been completely satisfied with all the lawyers in this firm!! He has had a lot more confidence since dealing with this firm thank you from us to you all :)

Dec 29, 2018
You don’t realize how tough life can be after a car accident. Thankfully with all the stress and pain you go through you have Wendy’s team to go the extra mile for you when you really need someone in your corner. I must say I wouldn’t know where I would be without the help of Nan, Vasanda and the rest of the team that has been continuously helping me through something I never expected. I would highly recommend this firm if you want someone to be personable and truly care for your wellbeing. Thank you!


  • Friendly - Gold
    We treat our clients like family. We understand the stress and pain associated with personal injury cases and provide our clients with the support they need.
  • Trust - Gold
    We emphasize approachability, professionalism and clear communication which are integral parts of our client relationship. We share with you the reality of what to expect, not just at the beginning of your case, but throughout the litigation process.
  • Value - Gold
    We charge on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay us legal fees until you get your money. We also fund your case so that you never have to be afraid of being forced into a settlement that is less than what you deserve. We ensure our clients are aware of the negotiated fees before beginning the litigation process.

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