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  • Trust - Gold
  • Value - Gold
As personal injury lawyers in Toronto, our team of lawyers spend time reviewing your case to see what benefits will provide you with much-needed assistance on the road to recovery.
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Reviews from Sokoloff Lawyers


3 days ago
Great Service!
My therapist told me about Sokoloff Lawyers. I trusted the recommendation so I went. They have great service, anytime you call someone gets back to you. I’ve had a few law clerks but Elizabeth has been the best. She always got back to us and she’s friendly. I trust her, she knows what she’s talking about. I would rate Sokoloff 5 stars and recommend to our friends and family. Signed: B.Herdsman

2 months ago
Putting the client needs first!
When I met Wendy we immediately connected, she is very warm, helpful and was only interested in our needs. I liked that Sokoloff Lawyers put the client needs first and got the most they could for our injury. Anyone who knows Wendy and her staff at Sokoloff, will be a client at first but then you'll become a family member. Signed: Anonymous

2 months ago
I chose Sokoloff Lawyers because of Wendy's reputation!
Ashley met with me and said I had a basis for the claim. Wendy took the time to meet with me and assured me that I was being treated unfairly and that they would do everything to help me. Thank you to Ashley for always taking the time to speak with me and keeping me in the loop. She resolved the issue quickly. I really appreciate that. signed Anonymous

2 months ago
Success rates!
I googled and found Sokoloff Lawyers. They had a lot of success rates and that’s why I chose them. They are pretty open and forth coming on what happened and they settled my case. I thank everyone here! They were great and very professional! Signed: Kim Mills

2 months ago
I chose them because they're very professional and experienced
Sokoloff Lawyers were very nice to me and provided good services. I am very happy with the settlement. I would like to say thank you to Wendy, Jack, Robert and Nali and all the other staff. Signed: Joy Liu


  • Friendly - Gold
    We treat our clients like family. We understand the stress and pain associated with personal injury cases and provide our clients with the support they need.
  • Trust - Gold
    We emphasize approachability, professionalism and clear communication which are integral parts of our client relationship. We share with you the reality of what to expect, not just at the beginning of your case, but throughout the litigation process.
  • Value - Gold
    We charge on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay us legal fees until you get your money. We also fund your case so that you never have to be afraid of being forced into a settlement that is less than what you deserve. We ensure our clients are aware of the negotiated fees before beginning the litigation process.

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